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Written question to European Commission

By: Max van den Berg (PvdA)
On: Discrimination against untouchables (Dalits)
Date: 20 September 2005

  1. Has the Commission read the report entitled ‘The Missing Piece of the Puzzle: Caste Discrimination and the Conflict in Nepal’, published by the Centre for Human Rights and Global Justice (CHRGJ)?

  2. Does the Commission share the view expressed in that report that caste discrimination is a significant cause of the conflict in Nepal and that, specifically, untouchables (Dalits), especially women, are the victims thereof?

  3. What is the Commission Delegation to Nepal and India doing in order to bring the issue of caste discrimination to the attention of the Nepalese and Indian Governments respectively?

  4. What priority does the campaign against caste discrimination have in projects and programmes initiated by the European Commission, the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, UNICEF, UNDP and other UN organisations?

  5. What will the European Commission do with regard to the recommendations set out in what is known as the Kathmandu Dalit Declaration which was adopted at the broadly-based International Consultation on Caste-based Discrimination in late 2004?

  6. Can the Commission give an overview of initiatives (partly) supported by the European Union and programmes which ascribe high priority to the campaign to end discrimination against untouchables?

  7. What specific measures is the Commission taking with a view to ensuring that the Millennium Goals, especially ‘eradicating extreme poverty’ and ‘achieving universal primary education’ are attained in the case of untouchables in programmes which it (partly) finances?

  8. The Joint Action Plan under the EU-India Strategic Partnership provides for joint consultation and discussions about human rights and democracy. Is the Commission intending to include discrimination against untouchables in those discussions?

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India Committee of the Netherlands - November 17, 2005