Rehabilitating Victims of Catastrophe

We are almost aware of the huge losses of life, India counting upto 12,000 and Tamil Nadu alone is expected to about 7,000 but official figures reports 5,925 since the last three days. The highest being 3,414 is recorded in Nagapattinam District and displaced family accounts more than one lakh; this disaster has made all of us overwhelmed. But our NGO friends put higher than government machinery as the bodies are being recovered every minute from the shores.

We are working with the local and other NGOs and expanding support in the form of cloth and food materials. We have collected materials and rice to transport in the affected areas.

In proportionate to this act of nature the needs are direct and huge but resource available is very few. Some of the instant measures that we can take are as follows:

  1. Rice, cereals grains and edible oil.
  2. A blanket to resist from stern cold and bed sheets.
  3. Cooking utensils, Stove, Kerosene.
  4. Clothes and sweaters for children shivering in the cold.
  5. Adoption of abandoned children.
  6. Medical support to immediate needy and for wounded, handicapped by the disaster.
  7. Medical camps to overcome the fever, diarrhoea and other disorders.
  8. The philanthropist, NGOs can accommodate these deserted by building low cost houses.
Moreover, our palliative measures include the availability of “Family Survival Kit” to the deserved, this includes the following:
  1. Apparel
    1. Bed sheet / Mattress
    2. Saree
    3. Shirts and Dhotie
    4. Towel
  2. Utensils for cooking
    1. Aluminum Plates
    2. Cooking vessel
    3. Spoons
    4. Stove
  3. Other
    1. Bucket
    2. Mug
Furthermore, if you can add your vital support in rehabilitating these victims of inhuman nature by any of the above means would be highly appreciated.

Do contact us for further steps to extend helping hand to disrupt lives of poor.

Thanking you With regards
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