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The MLPC came into being Nine years ago in 1993-94 after realizing the deplorable conditions of mine workers in Rajasthan. Over 3 million mine worker are engaged in 64 kinds of metallic and non-metallic mining activities being the second largest state after Bihar in the country for its mining resources. The massive unscientific mining has in the process eroded soil, caused extensive water loss, degraded forest, pasture and bio-diversity in the entire state. The founders of MLPC, which includes Environmentalists, lawyers, technocrats, activists, administrators and NGO partners, were saddened to see the increasing environmental degradation and plight of mine workers and health hazards who is suffering from diseases like silicosis, tuberculosis, silico-tuberculosis, asbestosis, asthma, accidental deformity and such other serious health problems. Lack of compensation for death or accidental deformity is a matter of great concern besides poor occupational safety. The MLPC initiators were shocked to see premature deaths of young mine workers between the age of 20-40 years because of disease and accidents but none to be compensated either by the mine owner of the state.

Keeping in view the inhumane condition of the mineworkers, MLPC took up the task of mitigating the sufferings of this deprived lot by initiating support programmes. The campaign is seriously looking at the plight of women mineworkers and the bonded child labour for their up keep and restoring dignity.