Seeds of Bondage: Female Child Bonded Labour in Hybrid Cottonseed Production in Andhra Pradesh

List of tables

Table 1:Estimates of total number and percentage of child labour in different industries in India >>>
Table 2:Crop calendar for different activities in cottonseed cultivation >>>
Table 3:Gender division of labour and requirement of labour days for different activities (per acre) >>>
Table 4:Approximate Costs of Hybrid Cotton Seed Cultivation Per Acre >>>
Table 5:Division-wise area under hybrid cottonseed (public varieties) production in A.P. during 1997-98 and 1998-99 (hectares) >>>
Table 6:Caste background of families of working children >>>
Table 7:Economic status of families of working children >>>
Table 8:Caste background of seed producers >>>
Table 9:Details of loans/advances taken by the parents of working children from employers >>>
Table 10:Number of years working with the same employer >>>
Table 11:Average wage rates paid to female children in 1999-2000 >>>
Table 12:Comparison of average daily wage rates (hourly wages) for adult and children >>>
Table 13:Average no. of working days and average percentage income earned by different family members in January 1998 >>>

India Committee of the Netherlands / Landelijke India Werkgroep - June 6, 2003