Seeds of Bondage: Female Child Bonded Labour in Hybrid Cottonseed Production in Andhra Pradesh

About the author

Dr. Davuluri Venkateswarlu is presently the Director of Global Research and Consultancy Services based in Hyderabad. He has obtained his Ph.D., in 1997, from the Department of Political Science, University of Hyderabad, under the guidance of Prof. Shantha Sinha. He has undertaken a number of research and consultancy assignments for various organisations including DFID, the World Bank, CARE, Inter Cooperation NGO Programme, Physicians for Human Rights, MV Foundation, BASIX, Centre for World Solidarity, Catholic Relief Services, Prerna etc. on issues like child labour, gender relations, rural development, agriculture and irrigation.

He has published his research findings in national and international journals. As a researcher he has been associated with Lucia da Corta on many research studies and co-authored several articles/reports with her. His recent publications include a monograph in Telugu on child labour in hybrid cottonseed fields (published by MV Foundation, 1998), 'Unfree Relations and Feminisation of Agricultural Labour in Andhra Pradesh, 1970-95' (with Lucia da Corta, Journal of Peasant Studies, Jan/April 1999), 'Debt and Deep Well: Status of Small and Marginal Farmers in Warangal District' (with K. Srinivas, published by CARE and Intercooperation, 2000).

During 1999-2000, he received fellowship from Business and Community Foundation (under the Corporate Partnership Fellowships Programme) and the present report is a product of his year long fellowship work. He is presently involved in a major research project on impact of pesticide exposures on children working in hybrid cottonseed production (commissioned by Physicians for Human Rights, USA).

India Committee of the Netherlands / Landelijke India Werkgroep - June 6, 2003