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 ex. Exposure with perspectives
Evaluative and explorative study of a project of awareness generation and organisation for young women by a NGO in Himachal Pradesh, India.
Author: Manon van Zuijlen & Anjali Mahajan; ed.: Women and Autonomy Centre (VENA), Leiden University, 1994, 98p., ill., ISBN 90-72631-38-2
€ 5,00
 ex. Women Worldwide from Nairobi to Beijing: International Action and Perspectives
Report with accounts of the lectures and discussions of the symposium 'Women Worldwide, from Nairobi to Bejing', held on June 24, 1994. With additional background articles.
Ed.: Eduardo Mondlane Foundation et al., 1994, 106p.
now: € 2,25

 child labour
number title
 ex. The Dark Side of Football: Child and adult labour in India's football industry and the role of FIFA
This report takes a close look at child labour and working conditions in the sport goods industry in Punjab, India.
It also describes and discusses the various initiatives taken nationally and internationally to tackle these issues. In India the initiatives of the South Asian Coalition on Child Servitude (SACCS) and the Sports Goods Foundation of India (SGFI) are among the most prominent.
Internationally the World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI), FIFA and its licensing organization ISL (International Sports and Leisure), the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) as well as the major sports goods companies play an important role. The International Labour Organization (ILO) and UNICEF are other major players in the field of child rights and labour rights.
Author: Gerard Oonk; ed.: India Committee of the Netherlands / Landelijke India Werkgroep, June 2000, 52p., ill. with color photographs.
For on-line version and download of this report, click HERE.
€ 9,00
 ex. A Case for Corporate Social Responsibility: Labour Standards in the Sports Goods Industry in India with special reference to Child Labour
Report of a study on the problem of child labour and labour rights in the Indian football industry.
Study by: Tata Consultancy Services (New Delhi); ed.: India Committee of the Netherlands / Landelijke India Werkgroep, July 2002, 48p.
€ 5,00
 ex. Child and adult labour in the export-oriented garment and gem polishing industry of India, with case studies from Tirupur, Bangalore, Jaipur and Trichy
Study undertaken at the request of the India Committee of the Netherlands (ICN) and the South Asian Coalition on Child Servitude (SACCS), with the focus on child labour.
Author: Martine Kruijtbosch; ed.: ICN (LIW), 1996; 157p., ill.
For 'Introduction' and 'Conclusions and Recommendations' of this report, click HERE.
€ 11,35

 children's books
number title
 ex. English-Hindi primer   SOLD OUT !
Introduction to the Hindi-alphabet. Originally meant for Hindi-speaking Indian children to learn some English words.
Ed.: Indian Book Depot, 21p., ill. (partly in color).
For primary education.
€ 1,60
 ex. Geography Puzzle Asia   SOLD OUT !
Jig-saw puzzle of the continent Asia, 77 pieces.
Ed.: Capitol, 1979; jig-saw, 22x28 cm., color.
For primary education.
€ 1,15
 ex. Posters, illustrative material from India   SOLD OUT !
Ten posters used in Indian (primary) schools, showing different subjects as: Indian plants, trees, vegetables and fruits, agricultural vegetation, festivals, danses, famous temples, Indian dresses, children, Mahatma Gandhi, yoga, the Hindi-alphabet etc.
Ed.: Indian Book Depot; 10 posters (25x38cm) in color.
For primary education.
€ 3,00

number title
 ex. Indian Subcontinent   SOLD OUT !
Detailed map of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Suited for a trip to India.
Ed.: Bartholomew, 1992; travel map, scale 1:4 milj., 70x100cm, folded, colour; ISBN 0-7028-0684-6.
€ 10,20
 ex. Political map of India
Political map, with (in different colours) the states en most important cities, rivers and (rail) roads of India.
Ed.: Indian Book Depot, 1993; pol. map, scale 1:6 milj., 50x70cm, folded, colour.
Suited for educational purposes.
€ 1,35
 ex. A road guide to .... [state map]
Road map, available for most Indian states. Districts are indicated in different colours. The maps are folded in a booklet with some geographical data and touristical information of the state.
Ed.: TT. Maps & Publications Ltd.; ±50x70cm, folded, colour.
Please specify the state(s):
€ 4,50
 ex. A road guide to .... [city map]
City road map, available for Delhi, Mumbai (Bombay), Chennai (Madras), Kolkata (Calcutta) and Bangalore. The maps are folded in a booklet with information on public transport and touristical information.
Ed.: TT. Maps & Publications Ltd.; ±50x100cm, folded, colour.
Please specify the city (or cities):
€ 4,50

number title
 ex. The river of stories
Strip book about the disastrous consequences of the Narmada Valley Development Project for environment and local population.
Author: Orijit Sen; ed.: Kalpavriksh, 1994, 60p., strip book.
€ 4,50
 ex. No rose without a thorn: export flowers from India
There are plenty of reasons to take a critical look at the growth of the flower industry in India. Who are the investors in this sector, where do the profits go and who benefit by the substantial government subsidies? Does the international flower trade have as many opportunities as is often suggested? Is the demand for cut flowers growing at the same high pace as the supply? Will the market not become oversupplied and is collapse not imminent? What are the consequences of floriculture for the environment and what measures are taken to prevent environmental damage? How are labour conditions in the floral industry? How are health hazards of pesticides dealt with?
This report deals with those questions. The text is based on interviews and documents collected in India during the first six months of 1997. The focus is on the district of Bangalore, the main district for the production of flowers in India. Full attention is paid to the activities of the Dutch. They play a major role in the growth of the floral industry of India.
Author: Geert Ritsema; ed.: ICN (LIW), 1998, 39p., ill.
€ 6,80

 other publications
number title
 ex. Connected with the future. Telecommunications and economic development; the Indian example
What is the role of foreign companies in field of telecommunication in India? What are the consequences for the Indian economy? How does the situation in India differ from the situation in The Netherlands?
Ed.: ICN (LIW) and SOBE, 1990, 85p., ISBN 90-70631-11-3.
€ 5,65
 ex. A Journey Through India
Abundantly illustrated book about India and her objects of interest. With short descriptions of history and culture.
Text: Supriya Guha; ed.: Lustre Press/Roli Books, 1996, 79p., ill. with color photographs, ISBN 81-7437-58-7.
€ 4,50

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