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Fair Seeds - Information
Seed companies show progress on tackling child labour, but fail to tackle non-payment of minimum wages in their supply chain
ICN/Stop Child Labour, Nov 1, 2018
A new report of the ICN reveals that despite progress in addressing child labour, seed companies have not sufficiently addressed the issue yet. The companies are also largely failing to take adequate measures to address non-payment of minimum wages, especially to women. »
Retrenched Greaves Cotton Workers Demand Answers from the Company
Thozhilalar Koodam, Dec 5, 2017
On 27th November, over 60 workers of Greaves Cotton India, retrenched since April 2016, assembled at the Head Office of Greaves Cotton at Saidapet, Chennai to press their demands. With conciliation efforts with Assistant Commissioner of Labour failing, the case would move to the labour court. »
With Organic Cotton and Online Ads, Boll & Branch Helps Indian Farmer
The New York Times, Jun 16, 2016
When Scott and Missy Tannen were putting the final touches on their home renovation in Summit, N.J., a few years ago, they embarked on a seemingly pedestrian chore: choosing sheets for their new king bed. »
Child Labour in the Indian Cottonseed Sector
International Law and Policy Institute (ILPI), Nov 26, 2015
This report is one of two desk-based reviews commissioned by Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM) on the topic of child labour in highrisk sectors and high-risk countries. »
Low Procurement Prices Fuelling Child Labour in Vegetable Seed Business
The Wire, Dec 15, 2015
Nearly 156,000 minors, about 50,000 of them below 14 years of age, are currently engaged in producing vegetable seeds in India. Many of them have been employed by multinational and Indian companies. These and other aspects of exploitation of minors and women have been documented in a study, Soiled Seeds. »
Seed companies involved in child labour in India, reveals study, Nov 26, 2015
In a shocking revelation, a study has pointed out the grim realities on the use of child labour grim reality in seed-producing companies, along with the non-payment of minimum wages to workers, especially women. »
New Report Soiled Seeds - 156.000 Indian children produce vegetable seeds for companies
ICN, Nov 24, 2015
Almost 156.000 Indian children are producing vegetable seeds, of which 50.000 are below 14 years of age. All of them are exposed to harsh working conditions, including poisonous pesticides and long working days. They mostly drop out of school between 11 and 13 years of age. »
Workshop on Strategies to Combat Child Labour and Address Minimum Wage Issues in Hybrid Seed Production in India - Proceedings and Highlights
CCP Steering Committee, Aug 28, 2015
The issue of child labour in hybrid seeds production in India continues to receive national and international attention. Despite some improvements in the recent years, the total number of children employed in this sector remains high. »
Response to the report Soiled Seeds: Child Labour and Underpayment of Women in Vegetable Seed Production in India
East-West Seed, Nov 2015
East-West Seed recognizes the issue of child labour in seed production in India and has taken steps to combat this serious social and economic problem. We fully support the mission of the India Committee of the Netherlands as we strive for the same goal: total elimination of child labour in India. »
Response sought in the Dian case along with trafficking of child labour
Rajasthan Patrika, Aug 17, 2015
Recognizing the seriousness of trafficking of children from the tribal belt of the Division to BT cottonseed plots of Gujarat by the traffickers, the Rajasthan High Court has asked the state Government to respond. »
India’s forgotten cotton-picking children
New Internationalist, Jul 31, 2015
Mari Marcel Thekaekara shines a spotlight on the underreported problem of child labour.
"We associated cotton picking with southern slavery in America. Never with India...." »
New report: Cotton’s Forgotten Children - Almost half a million Indian children produce cottonseed
ICN/Stop Child Labour, Jul 23, 2015
Almost half a million Indian children are working to produce the cottonseed that is the basis for our garments and all the other textile products that we use. Around 200,000 of them are below 14 years of age. This is one of the shocking results of the new study Cotton’s Forgotten Children by India’s long-term expert on the issue, Dr. Davuluri Venkateswarlu. »
Trafficking of children to cottonseed fields of Gujarat
ICN, Jan 20, 2015
Every year thousands of tribal children from South Rajasthan and North Gujarat are trafficked to cottonseed plots in North Gujarat for work in the cotton seed fields, in particular to do cross-pollination by hand. This work is done in the rainy season, from August to September. Since many years the trafficking of children for cottonseed cultivation is a serious human rights issue. »
The Price of Less Child Labour and Higher Wages
ICN, Jun 6, 2014
A new ICN publication - The Price of Less Child Labour and Higher Wages - shows that increasing the price that big seed companies in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh pay to farmers to grow cottonseed has resulted in much higher wages and less child labour in recent years. »
Norwegian pension fund withdraws investment in Indian seed company because of child labour
ICN, Oct 28, 2013
The Norwegian Ministry of Finance has recently decided to withdraw its investment in the Indian company Zuari Agro Chemicals (‘Zuari’) because of the contribution of the company to the worst forms of child labour. This decision was taken based on a recommendation from the Council on Ethics of the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG). »
A Tale of Two Companies: The difference between action and inaction in combating child labour
ICN/Stop Child Labour, Jun 2013
The Indian company Bejo Sheetal, joint venture partner of Bejo Seeds from The Netherlands, tolerates widespread child labour at the farmers who supply seeds to them. The farmers providing seeds to Nunhems India - part of Nunhems Netherlands - work almost without using child labourers younger than 14. »
Report Wages of Inequality: Women growing seeds for companies in India discriminated and underpaid
ICN, Dec 12, 2012
Report based on field research by Dr. Davuluri Venkateswarlu and Mr. Jacob Kalle into the wages of labourers - women, men and children - who are growing cotton and vegetable seed in four Indian states. They are working for farmers that supply their seeds to Indian as well as multinational companies. The latter are – among others - Monsanto, Syngenta, Dupont, US Agri, East-West Seeds, Bayer, Advanta and Bejo Sheetal. »
Fair Seeds - Advocacy
Answers to Parliamentary Questions by Member Voordewind (ChristianUnion)
(subm. Nov 27, 2018) to the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation on child labour and non-payment of minimum wages by Dutch and in the Netherlands active seed companies operating in India
Jan 11, 2019
Answers to Parliamentary Questions by Members Van Laar (Labour Party) and Voordewind (ChristianUnion)
(subm. Nov 26, 2015) to the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation on child labour and low wages in Dutch and in the Netherlands operating seed companies active in India
Dec 18, 2015
Answers to Parliamentary Questions by Member Van Laar (Labour Party)
(subm. Jul 29, 2015) to the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation about half a million children working in the cotton seed production
Sep 11, 2015
Answers to Parliamentary questions ChristianUnion et al.
((subm. Jul 15, 2013) to the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation on child labour and low wages in Dutch seed companies in India
Aug 8, 2013