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Child Labour - Information
Stop Child Labour partner sees small steps to end child labour in India
Stop Child Labour, Nov 14, 2018
Venkat Reddy has been active in combating child labour in India since the 1990s. He acts on behalf of the MV Foundation and is also a member of the advisory board on child labour in the Indian Ministry of Labour & Employment. He sees a cautious shift from child labour to the school classroom. This is what he shares in an interview in Dutch newspaper Trouw, 28 October 2018. »
Seed companies show progress on tackling child labour, but fail to tackle non-payment of minimum wages in their supply chain
ICN/Stop Child Labour, Nov 1, 2018
A new report of the ICN reveals that despite progress in addressing child labour, seed companies have not sufficiently addressed the issue yet. The companies are also largely failing to take adequate measures to address non-payment of minimum wages, especially to women. »
Stop Child Labour presents annual report Getting down to Business
Stop Child Labour, Oct 9, 2018
The Stop Child Labour annual report shows progress in the elimination of child labour in countries and sectors under the Getting down to Business programme. »
Kampf gegen Kinderarbeit: Landesregierung Nordrhein-Westfalen beschließt Runderlass zur Zertifizierung von Grabsteinen, Sep 4, 2018
Die Landesregierung verschärft ihren Kampf gegen Kinderarbeit: Künftig dürfen Grabsteine aus China, Indien, den Philippinen und Vietnam in Nordrhein-Westfalen nur noch dann aufgestellt werden, wenn sie mit hinreichender Wahrscheinlichkeit ohne schlimmste Formen von Kinderarbeit hergestellt worden sind. »
Successful training about Business and Human Rights in India
Stop Child Labour, Sep 13, 2018
The training Responsible Business Behaviour for Creating Child Labour Free Zones strenghtens organizations in cooperating with companies to realize child labour free production in India. The last training under this programme took place in March 2018 in Dehli. The training was organized by the Stop Child Labour India Platform. »
New Report Proposes Strategies for Reducing Child Labour in Agra, India
Fair Labor Association/Stop Child Labour, Dec 19, 2017
Fair Labor Association and Stop Child Labour Recommend Creation of ‘Child Labour Free Zone’ and More Responsible and Transparent Supply Chains in Leather and Footwear Production »
Why Do So Many Indian Children Go Missing?
The New York Times, Nov 19, 2017
One day in April last year, 13-year-old Savitri was walking down a road with her mother in Dataganj district, in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, carrying a flask of tea to her father, a laborer at a brick kiln, when five men pulled her into a moving jeep. One of them was from their village. »
Getting children Out of Work and into School: Combining bottom-up and top-down strategies to stop child labour
Stop Child Labour, Nov 8, 2017
In the run-up to the IV Global Child Labour Conference in Argentina from 14 to 16 November 2017, the Stop Child Labour Coalition has published a position paper with a focus on combining bottom-up and top-down strategies to eradicate child labour. »
IV Global Conference on the Sustained Eradication of Child Labour
Stop Child Labour, Nov 7, 2017
Representatives of the Stop Child Labour Coalition participate in the Global Conference on the Sustained Eradication of Child Labour in Argentina, 14–16 Nov 2017. The Conference brings together representatives of governments, employers’, workers’ organisations and civil society organisations to discuss the problem of child labour and possible solutions. »
India: Superpower aspirations while 21 percent of children waste away
Asian Human Rights Commission, Oct 17, 2017
With the publication of the 2017 Global Hunger Index Report, it is clear that India’s dreams of becoming a superpower, with world class airports and bullet trains, are all hyperbole. The utopian narrative of modern India overlooks the fact that it is a country that fell three places down to 100 in the 2017 Hunger Index, and 45 places down overall since 2014. »
New ILO research reveals the true scale of child labour around the world
Stop Child Labour, Sep 25, 2017
New research developed jointly by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Walk Free Foundation, in partnership with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), has revealed the true scale of child labour and modern slavery around the world. »
John Lewis and Habitat withdraw granite worktops over slavery concerns
The Guardian, Sep 3, 2017
Supply chains of high street retailers under scrutiny after investigators uncover evidence of human rights violations and child labour in Indian stone quarries. »
Successes and lessons from Stop Child Labour evaluation
Stop Child Labour, Jun 12, 2017
An external Stop Child Labour evaluation concludes that there is a significant reduction of child labour and increased school attendance in child labour free zones. The evaluation furthers confirms the broader impact in child labour free zones on health, safety, social cohesion, incomes of adults and an existing norm that no child should work and all children should go to school. »
Child Labour - Advocacy
Answer to written question MEP Anne-Marie Mineur (GUE/NGL)
(subm. Aug 30, 2017) to the European Commission about the research report by the India Committee of the Netherlands and Stop Child Labour on conditions in Indian granite quarries
Nov 27, 2017
Dutch Parliament backs child labour due diligence law
The Dutch Parliament has adopted a law requiring companies to determine whether child labour occurs in their supply chains – and set out a plan of action on how to combat it.
The Child Labour Due Diligence Law ('Wet Zorgplicht Kinderarbeid') now heads to the Senate after last month's vote, and if approved will come into force from 1 January 2020., Mar 10, 2017
Answers to Parliamentary Questions by Members Voordewind (ChristianUnion) and Van Laar (Labour Party)
(subm. Jan 31, 2017) to the Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation on clothing brands that contribute to low wages, long working hours, child labour and school dropout in Bangladesh
Feb 16, 2017
Motion members Servaes (Labour Party) and Voordewind (ChristianUnion)
requesting the government to prepare 'legislation aimed at combating forced labour and modern slavery'
Jan 25, 2017
Motion members Voordewind (ChristianUnion) en Servaes (Labour Party)
on the relationship of low wages, child labour and school dropouts in the garment industry of Bangladesh, in response to the report Branded Childhood
Jan 25, 2017
Written questions European Parliament
Subject: Slavery in Indian factories
Jan 18, 2017
Answers to Parliamentary Questions by Members Van Laar (Labour Party), Voordewind (ChristianUnion) and Dijkgraaf (Reformed Political Party)
(subm. Dec 28, 2016) to the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Co-operation on (child) slavery in South Indian spinning mills producing yarn for Western clothing brands
Jan 16, 2017
Answers to Parliamentary Questions by Members Voordewind (ChristianUnion) and Van Laar (Labour Party)
(subm. Jun 14, 2016) to the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation on the objective of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to eradicate the worst forms of child labour by 2016 at the latest
Jul 7, 2016
Stop Child Labour welcomes promised EU action against child labour
The Council of the European Union – all 28 member states together – on the 20th of June published its conclusions on child labour and called for a joint approach to tackle all forms of child labour.
Stop Child Labour, Jun 27, 2016
Answers to Questions European Parliament
(subm. Feb 18, 2016) to the European Commission on child and exploitative labour in gold and cobalt mining
May 10, 2016
Answers to Parliamentary Questions by Members Voordewind (ChristianUnion) and Van Laar (Labour Party)
(subm. Nov 23, 2015) to the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation and the Minister of Foreign Affairs on child labour in gold mining for the electronics sector
Dec 3, 2015
Parliamentary Questions by Members Van Laar (Labour Party) and Voordewind (ChristianUnion)
to the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation on child labour and low wages in Dutch and in the Netherlands operating seed companies active in India
Nov 26, 2015
Answers to Parliamentary Questions by Member Van Laar (Labour Party)
(subm. Jul 29, 2015) to the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation about half a million children working in the cotton seed production
Sep 11, 2015

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