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Nov 18, 2010: Letter European Commissioner Stefan Füle to Member of European Parliament Emine Bozkurt (S&D) on child labour in Turkey

Nov 3, 2010: Written questions European Parliament on child labour in Turkey

Sep 2, 2010: Answers to questions in European Parliament by Peter van Dalen (ChristianUnion) on child labour in India

Aug 31, 2010: Answers to questions in European Parliament by Peter van Dalen (ChristianUnion) on speech EU-commissioner Ashton in India

Jun 30, 2010: Open letter to the ILO on child and exploited adult labour in the Indian seed industry

Jun 21, 2010: Questions in Dutch Parliament by Gesthuizen (SP) and Voordewind (ChristianUnion) on the involvement of Advanta and Bejo Zaden in child labour in India

Jun 21, 2010: Questions in European Parliament by Peter van Dalen (ChristianUnion) on child labour in India

Jun 14, 2010: Council conclusions on child labour (ICN/Stop Child Labour)

Apr 7, 2010: Seven reasons why the world should: Eradicate all child labour, get every child into school: background note to the petition for the Global Child Labour Conference 10-11 May 2010 (campaign Stop Child Labour)

Dec 2009: Roundtable on The Elimination of Child Labour: Creating Child Labour Free Sectors, European Parliament, Dec. 2009 (campaign Stop Child Labour)

Sep 29, 2009: 'What role can the European Parliament play? - Lunchtime meeting on The Elimination of Child Labour (campaign Stop Child Labour)

Nov 2008: Motions adopted by the Dutch Parliament on the elimination of child labour and the implementation of other fundamental labour rights between November 2007 and November 2008.

Sep 2, 2008: European Parliament: Answer to written question by Thijs Berman and Richard Howitt on child labour.

Jun 2008: Child Labour, Trade Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility: What the European Union should do.

Nov 8, 2007: Motions by Member of EU Parliament Voordewind cs. concerning education and child labour in India.

Oct 2, 2007: Written questions of the Dutch Parliament to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Trade (Ministry of Economical Affairs) concerning child labour in India.

Sep 29, 2006: Letter campaign 'Stop Child Labour' to Finnish Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen concerning the India-EU Top in Helsinki.

Sep 22, 2006: Written questions to European Commission by Margrete Auken on Dalits and child labour as points of interest for the EU-India Summit.

Sep 5, 2006: Answers to questions by Jules Maaten (ALDE) to European Commission on child labour.

June 2006: Declaration of the Regional Conference "Alto al Trabajo Infantil, Sí a la Educación" ("Stop Child Labour, Yes to Education") (Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 21, 22 and 23 June 2006).

May 30, 2006: Seven reasons why the ILO should focus on all forms of child labour in its global action plan (campaign "Stop Child Labour - School is the best place to work).

May 16, 2006: Joint Statement on child labour by ICFTU, WCL, Global March and SCLC (Brussels, May 2006).

May 4, 2006: Statement by the Indian anti-child labour activist Shantha Sinha on the presentation of the ILO report "The end of child labour: within reach" (May 2006).

Jan 10, 2006: Answer to question Proinsias De Rossa (PSE) to European Commission about child labour and education.

Nov 28, 2005: Questions Van den Berg (PvdA) to European Commission on multinationals and child slavery.

Nov 7, 2005: Response of European Commission to the European Parliament resolution on the Exploitation of children in developing countries (with a special focus on child labour; Jul 5, 2005).

Nov 3, 2005: Answers to Questions of members Dutch parliament about the violation of the rights of adults and children by multinationals.

Mar 17, 2005: Recommendations to the European Parliament on the report 'Child Labour in Developing Countries'.

Oct 2004: India: economic boom masks widespread child labour (ICFTU report).

Jun 15, 2004: Brutal attack on Kailash Satyarthi during rescue of children in Great Roman Circus: Demand action from Indian government!.

May 11, 2004: Stop Child Labour - School is the Best Place to Work (speech at the First Children's World Congress on Child Labour, Florence).

May 2004: Children's Declaration: "We are the Present, Our Voice Is the Future!" (First Children's World Congress on Child Labour, Florence).

Mar 18-14, 2004: Childrens' rights expert lambasts lack of EU policy on child labour (European Voice).

Nov 2003: 
European Union: question and answer about ILO's International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour.
Jul 1, 2003: 
European Parliament debate on Child Labour.
Jul 2002: 
Labour Standards in the Sports Goods Industry in India - with special reference to Child Labour: A Case for Corporate Social Responsibility (for summary of this report, click here).
Feb 2002: 
Conference 'Combating Child Labour' (The Hague):
* Speech Eveline Herfkens (Dutch Minister of Development Cooperation) at Conference on Child Labour (Feb 25, 2002);
* Paper: Abolition of Child Labour through Compulsory Education;
* Conclusions of the conference.
Jun 2000: 
'The Dark Side of Football: Child and adult labour in India's football industry and the role of FIFA' (ICN report).
Mar 2000: 
Soccer is by far the most popular sport in Europe. But where the footballs come from is far less known: 'India doesn't produce 'fair footballs' yet' (India Nu 124, Mar-Apr 2000).
Oct 1999: 
Petition 'Education works better'.
Jul 1998: 
Elementary Education and Child Labour in India (Gerard Oonk, India Committee of the Netherlands).
Position paper 'Sign Against Child Labour'.
Feb 1997: 
Speech of Minister Melkert of Social Affairs and Employment at the Child Labour Conference (Amsterdam) on the occasion of the presentation of 60.000 signatures for the campaign 'Sign Against Child Labour'.
Nov 1996: 
Child and adult labour in the export-oriented garment and gem polishing industry of India, with case studies from Tirupur, Bangalore, Jaipur and Trichy: study undertaken at the request of the India Committee of the Netherlands (ICN) and the South Asian Coalition on Child Servitude (SACCS), with the focus on child labour.

More information:

* A profile of the M. Venkatarangaiya Foundation (MV Foundation)
* A brief note of the MV Foundation's experiences in elimination of child labour through education
* Girl child labour and education (MV Foundation)
* Website of the MV Foundation
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