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Crisis India-Pakistan:
Achtergrondinformatie, analyse en nieuws
uit de Indiase, Pakistaanse en internationale media.
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Pak-India Talks (The News International)

30 January 2007India upgrades ties with Russia, cautiously (Praful Bidwai), Inter Press Service
29 January 2007Russia works to remain India's top supplier (Nabi Abdullaev & Vivek Raghuvanshi), DefenseNews.com
29 January 2007US offers advanced missile system to India, Indo-Asian News Service
27 January 2007Doomsday warning (Praful Bidwai), Frontline
27 January 2007Why Musharraf Succeeds (S. Akbar Zaidi), Economic and Political Weekly
26 January 2007China's Test May Make India a Star Wars Satellite (J. Sri Raman), t r u t h o u t
25 January 2007New US bill seeks to ban military aid to Pakistan, ZeeNews.com
24 January 2007Pakistan's Missing Persons (Irfan Husain), opendemocracy.net
23 January 2007India to snub US on Burma arms embargo (Bruce Loudon), The Australian
22 January 2007Doomsday Clock Ticking Faster - in Asia (Praful Bidwai), Inter Press Service
22 January 2007India - Pakistan: Time to rethink (M.B. Naqvi)
22 January 2007India to buy six US planes for special forces, Dawn
20 January 2007US Congress approves $1bn arms package, Gulf Times
18 January 2007India's Growing Uranium Enrichment Program for Military Purposes (David Albright, Susan Basu), ISIS
15 January 2007India Pakistan Arms Race & Militarisation Watch Compilation (IPARMW) #167 (Dec. 30, 2006 - Jan. 15, 2007)
15 January 2007India-Pakistan ties set to improve, slowly (Praful Bidwai), Inter Press Service
14 January 2007Talks with Pakistan on March 13 , The Hindu
6 January 2007Kashmir Resolution in Sight? (Praful Bidwai), Inter Press Service
6 January 2007Noam Chomsky: '[Indo-US] Deal will dismantle anti-nuke treaties' (G.N. Prashanth), Times of India
4 January 2007India Largest Global Consumer of Israeli Arms: Indian Muslims view it as a betrayal of Palestine , OhmyNews.com
4 January 2007Pakistan: The General in his Labyrinth (Tariq Ali), London Review of Books

Voices Unheard: Newsletter of the Kashmiri Women's Initiative for Peace and Disarmament
www.jammu-kashmir.com: Daily news listings from Jammu & Kashmir
www.cndpindia.org: Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament & Peace
www.s-asians-against-nukes.org: South Asians Against Nukes
groups.yahoo.com/group/IPARMW/: IPARMW - Indo Pak. Militarisation Watch

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