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Crisis India-Pakistan:
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uit de Indiase, Pakistaanse en internationale media.
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Human Right Watch reports (September 2006):
"With Friends Like These ....": Human Rights Violations in Azad Kashmir: http://www.hrw.org/reports/2006/pakistan0906/.
"Everyone Lives in Fear": Patterns of Impunity in Jammu and Kashmir: http://www.hrw.org/reports/2006/india0906/.

Pak-India Talks (The News International)

30 September 2006India should not join race for biological weapons (Sujatha Byravan), The Hindu
30 September 2006From Ramzan Good-Will to Belligerence (Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal), Kashmir Times
29 September 2006Retrace suicidal step: Afzal Guroo's hanging will be counter-productive, Kashmir Times
26 September 2006India To Double Security Forces Along Bhutan Border, DefenseNews.com
26 September 2006Hawks are howling - Men in high places join to subvert peace process, Kashmir Times
21 September 2006Pakistan: 'Free Kashmir' Far From Free, Human Rights Watch
20 September 2006Activists ask India to help curb illegal arms trade, AlertNet
20 September 2006Pakistan: Bush Should Press Musharraf to End Military Rule, Human Rights Watch
19 September 2006India Tells Skeptics To Give Pakistan Pact a Chance, DefenseNews.com
19 September 2006Musharrafistan: A client state for sale to the highest bidder (Mansoor Ijaz), Wall Street Journal
16 September 2006Give cease-fire a trial, Kashmir Times
14 September 2006Pakistan: Whither Balochistan? (Kaiser Bengali), Dawn
12 September 2006Armaris Offers Pakistan Licensed Production of 3 Subs (Pierre Tran), DefenseNews.com
12 September 2006Pakistani President Urges India To Act on Kashmir, DefenseNews.com
12 September 2006India: Impunity Fuels Conflict in Jammu and Kashmir, Human Rights Watch
11 September 2006India To Spend More: But Defence Ministry Seeks greater Increase (Vivek Raghuvanshi), DefenseNews.com
8 September 2006France's Armaris Offers Sub to Pakistan (Pierre Tran), DefenseNews.com
7 September 2006India, Germany Ink Pact for Hi-Tech Defence Tech Transfer, DDI Indian Government News
7 September 2006India and Germany Sign Landmark Agreement on Defence Cooperation, India Press Information Bureau
6 September 2006India links partnership to arms sales by France (Amit Baruah), The Hindu
1 September 2006Indian Defense Minister Seeks Closer Ties in France, Germany, DefenseNews.com

Voices Unheard: Newsletter of the Kashmiri Women's Initiative for Peace and Disarmament
www.jammu-kashmir.com: Daily news listings from Jammu & Kashmir
www.cndpindia.org: Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament & Peace
www.s-asians-against-nukes.org: South Asians Against Nukes
groups.yahoo.com/group/IPARMW/: IPARMW - Indo Pak. Militarisation Watch

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