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Crisis India-Pakistan:
Achtergrondinformatie, analyse en nieuws
uit de Indiase, Pakistaanse en internationale media.
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Pak-India Talks (The News International)

Jan/Febr 2006Wrong Ends, Means, and Needs: Behind the U.S. Nuclear Deal With India (Zia Mian & M.V. Ramana), Arms Control Today
January 2006Interview with Tariq Ali (Subindra Bogati), Himal South Asian
31 January 2006India will vote against Iran again, The Hindu
30 January 2006India Shops For Anti-Sub Plane, Gear (Vivek Raghuvanshi), DefenseNews.com
30 January 2006Iran vote: SP, CPI mount pressure on Centre again, Indian Express
30 January 2006Putting together a survival kit for Pakistan (M.B. Naqvi)
28 January 2006Nuclear poker over Iran (Praful Bidwai), Frontline
28 January 2006Delusions of equality (Praful Bidwai), News International
26 January 2006Bumpy Ride for Indo-US Nuclear Deal (Praful Bidwai), Inter Press Service
25 January 2006India Nuclear Deal May Depend on Iran Vote: U.S., DefenseNews.com
25 January 2006U.S. Troops on Front Line Of Expanding India Ties (John Lancaster), Washington Post
25 January 2006Britain warns India against Myanmar sale, UPI
25 January 2006Pakistan: Can we say no to Uncle Sam? (M.B. Naqvi), News International
24 January 2006Pakistan PM Warns Against Arms Race in Asia (P. Parameswaran), DefenseNews.com
23 January 2006India Taps 5 Contenders For Copter EW Systems (Vivek Raghuvanshi), DefenseNews.com
23 January 2006Indian-Developed LCA Will Miss 2007 Production Target (Vivek Raghuvanshi), DefenseNews.com
23 January 2006The illusive US arms bazaar (Atul Cowshish), Asian Tribune
23 January 2006While the spotlights are on Middle East, the world has turned a blind eye to the Indo-Pakistan nuclear arms race! (M.B. Naqvi), South Asians Against Nukes
20 January 2006Saran, Burns hold talks on nuclear deal, The Hindu
20 January 2006Visit Balkenende to India: 'A.Q. Khan episode is a lesson', Asian Age
19 January 2006Demilitarization, a distant dream in Kashmir (J. Sri Raman), t r u t h o u t
18 January 2006Pakistan - India: The third round begins (M.B. Naqvi), News International
17 January 2006Indian Navy Receives Upgraded Il-38 Patrol Plane (Vivek Raghuvanshi), DefenseNews.com
17 January 2006Pakistan Foreign Secretary in Delhi for next round of talks, The Hindu
15 January 2006'Don't scrap Nalanda ordnance project', Times of India
15 January 2006Pakistan-India: May the force be with us (Neera Adarkar), DNA
14 January 2006India's elite forces to get US firepower, Rediff.com
14 January 2006Bofors upgrade plan on track, Telegraph India
12 January 2006State Shipper Wins $1Bln Indian Order (Lyuba Pronina), Moscow Times
12 January 2006India Pakistan Arms Race & Militarisation Watch Compilation (IPARMW) #161
11 January 2006Iran Opens Nuclear Locks and Hornet's Nest (Praful Bidwai), Inter Press Service
10 January 2006India Stands by Helicopter Fleet, Agence France Presse
10 January 2006Kashmir: Time Guns Fall Silent, Kashmir Times
9 January 2006Indian Products Defective: Agency Finds Fault With 40% Of Defense Gear Made at Home (Vivek Raghuvanshi), DefenseNews.com
5 January 2006India - Foreign policy: Waiting for Bush (J. Sri Raman), t r u t h o u t
5 January 2006Pakistan: Tale of a tragedy (Kamila Hyat), News International
3 January 2006Pakistan-India: Peace march to the border (Anis Haroon), Dawn
3 January 2006Iran: Confrontation in the Cards (Praful Bidwai), Inter Press Service
2 January 2006Pakistan - India - US: A Vital Task for Peace in 2006 (Jawed Naqvi), Dawn/TD>
1 January 2006Pakistan: Both Hare and Hound in 'War on Terror' (M.B. Naqvi), Inter Press Service

Voices Unheard: Newsletter of the Kashmiri Women's Initiative for Peace and Disarmament
www.jammu-kashmir.com: Daily news listings from Jammu & Kashmir
www.cndpindia.org: Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament & Peace
www.s-asians-against-nukes.org: South Asians Against Nukes
groups.yahoo.com/group/IPARMW/: IPARMW - Indo Pak. Militarisation Watch

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