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Crisis India-Pakistan:
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uit de Indiase, Pakistaanse en internationale media.
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Pak-India Talks (The News International)

August 2005Peace Now!, Journal of India's Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament & Peace (Special Issue: 60th Anniversary Hiroshima and Nagasaki)
31 August 2005Pakistan gets eight Orion patrol aircraft from US, Agence France Presse
29 August 2005India To Send Fighter Pilots To U.S. Naval Air Stations For Training, Inside the Navy
27 August 2005Nuclear isn't the way to go (Praful Bidwai), News International
26 August 2005The dodgy underbelly of India's war on terror (Siddharth Varadarajan), The Hindu
23 August 2005India, U.S. Prepare To Discuss Weapon Buys (Vivek Raghuvanshi), DefenseNews.com
23 August 2005BMD Focus: US, China Duel In South Asia (Martin Sieff), SpaceWar.com
22 August 2005'If Bush Is So Acceptable To Manmohan And The Congress, Why Lose Sleep Over Modi?' An Interview with Arundhati Roy (S. Anand), Outlook India
22 August 2005Pakistanís Missile Test Jolts India (Vivek Raghuvanshi), DefenseNews.com
22 August 2005India Will Spend $100M on Network (Vivek Raghuvanshi), DefenseNews.com
22 August 2005The death of a ceasefire agreement (Rohini Hensman), The Hindu
18 August 2005The high road to peace (Praful Bidwai), Frontline
17 August 2005Russia, India sign US $350m defense deal (Animesh Roul), International Relations and Security Network (ISN)
15 August 2005Limited War Under the Nuclear Umbrella and its Implications for South Asia (Khurshid Khan), south-asians-against-nukes.org
14 August 2005Why do nations want nuclear weapons? (Ahmad Faruqui), Asia Times
14 August 2005Gunning for peace in South Asia (Siddharth Srivastava), Pakistan Times
13 August 2005India rejects Nepal complaint over assault rifle, News.Yahoo.com
12 August 2005Birthday gift to President Musharraf: 1st cruise missile tested, Daily Times
12 August 2005Test will maintain arms balance in region: Musharraf, Daily Times
10 August 2005Dark clouds on the Indo-Pakistani horizon (M.B. Naqvi), News International
10 August 2005Indo-Israel arms deals are worth Rs 11,880Cr, Asian Age
9 August 2005Hiroshima Memories Don't Deter South Asia's Hawks (J. Sri Raman), t r u t h o u t
8 August 2005No arms race please: India, Pak told (Praful Bidwai), Indian Express
8 August 2005India, Pakistan agree to manage nuke risks (Vivek Raghuvanshi), DefenseNews.com
8 August 2005India-US Relations: Significance of Framework Agreement on Defence (Achin Vanaik), Economic and Political Weekly
7 August 2005Nuclear Nonsense, News International
6 August 2005The Worldís Worst Terrorist Act (Praful Bidwai), News International
6 August 2005Hiroshima Day Reflections: The Time of the Bomb (Zia Mian & A.H. Nayyar), News International
5 August 2005India - US: Terror Will Come Home (Ashok Mitra), The Telegraph
4 August 2005On the eve of another Hiroshima Day - 'As Insecure As Before' (Achin Vanaik), The Telegraph
4 August 2005Govt asked to reconsider decision on arms supply to Nepal, Outlook India
4 August 2005F-16 Sale To Pakistan Highlights US Policy Contradiction (Farhan Bokhari), London Financial Times
4 August 2005US salvoes across South Asia (Kaushik Kapisthalam), Asia Times
4 August 2005War over Kashmir and the undermining of India's democracy: Statement of SAR Geelani on Kashmir
3 August 2005Nepal: Vigilante groups worsen human rights situation, Amnesty International
2 August 2005India Pakistan Arms Race & Militarisation Watch Compilation (IPARMW) #155
2 August 2005Pakistan to get 'largest supply' of F-16s: official, Indo-Asian News Service
2 August 2005India joins global apartheid (Praful Bidwai), Daily Star
1 August 2005Why tolerance is not on the curriculum in Pakistan (Ahmed Rashid), The Telegraph

Voices Unheard: Newsletter of the Kashmiri Women's Initiative for Peace and Disarmament
www.jammu-kashmir.com: Daily news listings from Jammu & Kashmir
www.cndpindia.org: Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament & Peace
www.s-asians-against-nukes.org: South Asians Against Nukes
groups.yahoo.com/group/IPARMW/: IPARMW - Indo Pak. Militarisation Watch

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