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Crisis India-Pakistan:
Achtergrondinformatie, analyse en nieuws
uit de Indiase, Pakistaanse en internationale media.
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Pak-India Talks (The News International)

July 2004Letter from Lahore: Reinventing Pakistan (Mohsin Hamid), Smithsonian Magazine
30 July 2004Talks slow between India and Pakistan, Asian Age
30 July 2004Kashmir Roadmap: Congress in danger of losing its way (Balraj Puri), Times of India
29 July 2004Heading for a rough patch? (Praful Bidwai), News International
28 July 2004Dialogue & Discordant Notes (M.B. Naqvi), News International
25 July 2004India disappointed at Pakistanís statement, The Hindu
25 July 2004Peace talks: India, Pak square off at square one, Asian Age
24 July 2004Next Steps For Nuclear Talks (Zia Mian, A.H. Nayyar, R. Rajaraman, M.V. Ramana), South Asians Against Nukes
23 July 2004The valley is still unquiet - Kashmir should be at the top of the left's agenda (Ashok Mitra), The Telegraph
22 July 2004India, Pakistan agree on sustained dialogue, The Hindu
21 July 2004We should not compromise on terrorism: Natwar Singh, The Hindu
21 July 2004Let's think coolly an talk (M.B. Naqvi), News International
19 July 2004Peace activists slam big military budgets, Dawn
18 July 2004Poor don't eat guns! (Kuldip Nayar), The Daily Star
17 July 2004Making Weapons, Talking Peace: Resolving Dilemma of Nuclear Negotiations (Zia Mian, A.H. Nayyar, M.V. Ramana), Economic and Political Weekly
14 July 2004India, Pakistan agree on talks schedule, The Hindu
14 July 2004India Pakistan Arms Race & Militarisation Watch Compilation (IPARMW) # 144
12 July 2004A war of sorts: Growing militancy in western Pakistan (M.B. Naqvi), Deccan Herald
5 July 2004Pakistan, India try peace (Praful Bidwai), Inter Press Service
4 July 2004India and Pakistan: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors (Amy Waldman), New York Times
3 July 2004Blurred Borders: Coastal Conflicts between India and Pakistan (Charu Gupta & Mukul Sharma), Economic and Political Weekly
2 July 2004When early warning is no warning (Zia Mian, R. Rajaraman & M.V. Ramana), The Hindu

Voices Unheard: Newsletter of the Kashmiri Women's Initiative for Peace and Disarmament
www.jammu-kashmir.com: Daily news listings from Jammu & Kashmir
www.cndpindia.org: Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament & Peace
www.s-asians-against-nukes.org: South Asians Against Nukes

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