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Crisis India-Pakistan:
Achtergrondinformatie, analyse en nieuws
uit de Indiase, Pakistaanse en internationale media.
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May 2002: 31, 30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 10, 9, 6

31 May 2002Misplaced jingoism (Rajeev Dhavan), The Hindu
31 May 2002Limited war is a fantasy (Praful Bidwai), Hindustan Times
31 May 2002A road map to peace (L. Ramdas & Arjun Makhijani), The Hindu
31 May 2002The alternative to my nuclear Ark (Sonia Jabbar), Times of India
31 May 2002Kashmir wants polls, not war (Shrabani Basu), The Telegraph (Calcutta)
31 May 2002Loving the bomb (Salman Tarik Kureshi), Daily Times (Lahore)
31 May 2002India Pakistan Arms Race & Militarisation Watch (IPARMW) # 81
31 May 2002Avert A War, And Worse, In South Asia (Achin Vanaik), Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace
31 May 2002Musharraf's address sparked blasts: Modi, Deccan Herald
31 May 2002'Treaty may be scrapped if there is war with Pak.', The Hindu
31 May 2002Pak raises same old objections over J-K project, India unruffled, Indian Express
31 May 2002Unabated shelling could lead to Indo-Pak war: Farooq, Times of India
31 May 2002This isn’t Kargil, it will be on our terms (Gaurav C. Sawant), Indian Express
31 May 2002Indian nuclear arsenal dwarfs Pakistan's: Jane's, Rediff.com
31 May 2002Diplomatic offensive stepped up against Pak, Times of India
31 May 2002Pak. threatens to use n-weapons (Sridhar Krishnaswami), The Hindu
31 May 2002Rumsfeld, Armitage visiting India (Atul Aneja), The Hindu
31 May 2002No PM, Musharraf talks at Almaty, Times of India
31 May 2002We should avoid war: Musharraf, The Hindu
31 May 2002Ground zero hour for India-Pakistan, Times of India
31 May 2002Indian govts has come out with a series of dos and don'ts in case of a nuclear disaster (George Iype), Rediff.com
31 May 2002India can launch a nuclear attack, it cannot defend itself against one (Sheela Bhatt), Rediff.com
31 May 2002Ground for joint India-Pakistan action against terrorism, Kashmir especially included (M.B. Naqvi)
31 May 2002US, UK advise 80,000 of their nationals to leave India, Rediff.com
30 May 2002The Most Dangerous Place in the World (Salman Rushdie), New York Times
30 May 2002We'll use nukes even in conventional war: Pak, Times of India
30 May 2002Profiting from arms sales and death (M.V. Ramana), Daily Times
30 May 2002'Pakistan only jeopardises India': Interview with Shabana Azmi (Tanmaya Kumar Nanda), Rediff.com
30 May 2002The general and his silly fibs (T.V.R. Shenoy), Rediff.com
30 May 2002IPB : Action Now To Stop Nuclear War In South Asia!
30 May 2002Joint Statement by Pakistan India Peoples Forum For Peace and Democracy, Dawn
29 May 2002Battle for Kashmir in British Parliament (Rashmee Z. Ahmed), Times of India
29 May 2002Straw warns of nuclear war between India, Pak, Times of India
29 May 2002False hope in deterrence (Achin Vanaik), Hindustan Times
29 May 2002India says Musharraf speech disappointing, Times of India
29 May 2002Closed-door talks going on: Pak experts (Mohua Chatterjee), Times of India
29 May 2002Musharraf has to do more: Straw, The Hindu
29 May 2002Vajpayee as a wartime leader (Harish Khare), The Hindu
29 May 2002False hope in deterrence (Achin Vanaik), Hindustan Times
29 May 2002Wake-up call (Henry Potter), The Guardian
29 May 2002As the standoff continues (M.H. Askari), Dawn
29 May 2002Resolution by Pakistan Peace Coalition
29 May 2002The Mind-Set of Nuclear Strategists (BOOK REVIEW by Achin Vanaik)
29 May 2002India, Pakistan urged to avoid war, Dawn
29 May 2002Letter: India and Pakistan confrontation (Angana Chatterji)
29 May 2002Pakistan's missile symbolism (Zaffar Abbas), BBC News
29 May 2002The Price Of Failure in Kashmir (Achin Vanaik)
28 May 2002Avert Nuclear War Over Kashmir, 9-11 Peace Campaign
28 May 2002Not That Much Time (Achin Vanaik), Telegraph
28 May 2002Nuclear war: an insane option (Zubeida Mustafa), Dawn
28 May 2002Musharraf's speech was an anti-climax (B. Raman), Rediff.com
28 May 2002Impact of a nuclear strike, BBC News
27 May 2002Into the darkness (John Elliott), The New Statesman (UK)
27 May 2002The evil they are (M.B. Naqvi)
27 May 2002Lighting The Nuclear Fire (Pervez Hoodbhoy)
27 May 2002Kashmir dispute and Åland model (Ishtiaq Ahmed), The Daily Times (Lahore)
27 May 2002The warped logic of nuclear gambles (Jean Dreze), The Hindu
27 May 2002Pull Back From The Brink - War is no solution (Praful Bidwai)
27 May 2002Pakistan has secretly built up nuclear arsenal (Zahid Hussain), The Times (UK)
27 May 2002General brushes aside India's complaints on terrorism (K.J.M. Varma), Rediff.com
27 May 2002SAHR asks India, Pak to ensure peace, Asian Age
26 May 2002Pakistan: Testfire of Shaheen-III expected today (Rana Qaisar), The Daily Times
26 May 2002Going nowhere (Ardeshir Cowasjee), Dawn
25 May 2002Vigil and meeting against war
25 May 2002Pokharan [nuclear test area] villagers seek special deal, The Hindu
25 May 2002The road to ruin (C. Rammanohar Reddy), The Hindu
25 May 2002Letter pleading for peace between India and Pakistan
24 May 2002Condolence Meeting in memory of Abdul Gani Lone
24 May 2002Kashmir and terrorism aren't the problem, it's the bomb: India and Pakistan do not understand what nuclear war means (Martin Woollacott), The Guardian
24 May 2002India: Pakistan Plans Missile Tests, The Guardian
24 May 2002Nuclear shadow falls on Kashmir (Zulfiqar Ahmad), San Francisco Chronicle
24 May 2002Missile tests routine, not linked to India tension - Pakistan (Andy Soloman), Yahoo News
24 May 2002Three million would die in "limited" nuclear war over Kashmir (Rob Edwards), NewScientist.com
24 May 2002Hurriyat floats conspiracy theory behind Lone killing (Nazir Masoodi), Indian Express
24 May 2002India may scrap Indus water treaty with Pak, Times of India
23 May 2002Nuclear instability and militancy (M.V. Ramana), Daily Times
23 May 2002Limited war: unlimited folly (Praful Bidwai), The News International
23 May 2002No Place for Kids (Anthony Spaeth), Time
23 May 2002Killings unabated (Bashir Ahmad Naik)
23 May 2002India Pakistan Arms Race & Militarisation Watch (IPARMW) # 77
23 May 2002India's Patience is being stretched beyond Limit: Interview with I.K. Gujral, Rediff.com
22 May 2002The peon has the nuke trigger (Abheek Barman), The Economic Times
22 May 2002Blackout at noon: Indo-Pak standoff has an apocalyptic dimension (Ashok Kapur), Hindustan Times
22 May 2002The risk of nuclear war over Kashmir (Brian Cloughley), The Times
22 May 2002India Confronts Its Own Intolerance (Kanwal Rekhi & Henry S. Rowen), Wall Street Journal
21 May 2002War only the last option: Farooq Abdullah, The Hindu
21 May 2002Military preparations at a brisk pace (Atul Aneja & Sandeep Dikshit), The Hindu
21 May 2002Desperate Pak ready to nuke India (Chidanand Rajghatta), Times of India
21 May 2002Pak. deploys Shaheen missiles, The Hindu
21 May 2002600,000 men, 3,000 tanks should not be sum total of India's response (Raja Menon), Indian Express
21 May 2002Snap all ties with Pakistan, demands VHP, Deccan Herald
21 May 2002CNDP cries halt to pro-war campaign
21 May 2002A beautiful mind may yet stall an ugly war (Jawed Naqvi), Dawn
21 May 2002Talk to people. They think beyond boundaries, Times of India
20 May 2002Four Years After Pokharan - The nuclear danger is now! (Praful Bidwai)
20 May 2002Silk Road: Celebrating collective suicide (Anwar Iqbal)
20 May 2002India-Pakistan: Still on the brink - why? (M.B. Naqvi)
20 May 2002India goes into war-effort mode, Statesman
19 May 2002India Pakistan Arms Race & Militarisation Watch (IPARMW) # 76
19 May 2002Prepare, PM tells Army, Pioneer
17 May 2002From Pokhran to Gujarat (Praful Bidwai), Hindustan Times
17 May 2002Pak hand in killing confirmed: India, Times of India
17 May 2002Diplomatic offensive against Pak: India, Times of India
17 May 2002Pak denies hand in Jammu attack, Times of India
17 May 2002Heavy shelling along Indo-Pak border in J&K, Times of India
17 May 2002Border situation tense: Pak Minister, Times of India
17 May 2002Only India, Pakistan can solve Kashmir issue: Omar Abdullah (Vantika Gupta), Hindustan Times
17 May 2002Pak. terrorism and Indian pacifism (V.R. Krishna Iyer), The Hindu
17 May 2002Man who won Kargil says don't let Pak decide your response (Gaurav C. Sawant), Indian Express
17 May 2002'Full-scale war' not an option (Atul Aneja), The Hindu
17 May 2002Present tense (Kalyani Shanker), The Pioneer
17 May 2002Diplomatic to offensive: Govt checks armour, Indian Express
17 May 2002US-PAK links worry army, Asian Age
17 May 2002Missiles and fast delivery of nuclear destruction (M V Ramana), Daily Times (Lahore)
16 May 2002We must counter terror attacks, says Vajpayee, The Hindu
16 May 2002Take concrete steps, Sonia tells Centre (Luv Puri), The Hindu
16 May 2002War with Pak is not ruled out: BJP (Nilanjana Bhaduri Jha), The Times of India
16 May 2002PM offers all-party meet on Jammu attack (Nilanjana Bhaduri Jha), The Times of India
16 May 2002Bush calls Vajpayee, condemns J&K attack (Chidanand Rajghatta), The Times of India
16 May 2002Farooq blames Pak for Kaluchak massacre, The Times of India
16 May 2002Musharraf brought region to brink of nuclear war (Chidanand Rajghatta), The Times of India
16 May 2002The U.S. should act now (Kuldip Nayar), The Hindu
16 May 2002Return to the table, Rocca tells India, Pak. (Muralidhar Reddy), The Hindu
16 May 2002Sangh sees Pak hand from Jammu to Gujarat, demands PoK blitz (Pradeep Kaushal), Indian Express
16 May 2002America just issues statements, where's concrete action: George Fernandes, Indian Express
16 May 2002India-Pakistan: Courting nuclear disaster (Praful Bidwai), The News
15 May 200230 killed in Jammu suicide attack (Luv Puri), The Hindu
14 May 2002'Pak epicentre of terror', The Pioneer
13 May 2002Looking Back At Pokhran II (M.V. Ramana), Outlookindia.com
10 May 2002Pak Financial Minister for peaceful solution to Kashmir, Times of India
9 May 2002The Band Played On - Continued Military Rule in Pakistan? (Kamran Asdar Ali), MERIP
6 May 2002Democracy: Who's she when she's at home? (Arundhati Roy), Outlook India

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