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Crisis India-Pakistan:
Achtergrondinformatie, analyse en nieuws
uit de Indiase, Pakistaanse en internationale media.
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June 2002: 29, 27, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

29 June 2002Vajpayee rules out war with Pak, Times of India
27 June 2002Armitage to visit India, Pak in August, Hindustan Times
27 June 2002Censoring nuclear truths (M.V. Ramana), Daily Times
25 June 2002Pak playing on words, says India, Times of India
25 June 2002Kashmir may become another Palestine, warns Musharraf (Hasan Suroor), The Hindu
25 June 2002VHP's call for division of J&K condemnable: NC, Rediff.com
25 June 2002Unaddressed domestic dimensions of the Kashmir problem: The answers lie within (Mani Shankar Aiyar), Indian Express
25 June 2002India holds Musharraf to his pledge (C. Raja Mohan), The Hindu
25 June 2002Pakistan considering allowing Indian airliners to resume flying over Pakistan, Hindustan Times
25 June 2002Pak nukes and missiles for defensive purpose: Musharraf, Hindustan Times
25 June 2002EU appeal to Pak. reflects India's concerns: Advani, The Hindu
25 June 2002Musharraf did pledge to end infiltration: US, Times of India
24 June 2002Pervez goes back on his word to US, Hindustan Times
24 June 2002VHP wants J&K to be divided into four parts, Times of India
24 June 2002Carve up Kashmir and give Pandits a piece, says VHP (Pradeep Kaushal), Indian Express
24 June 2002'Troops should stay till J-K goes to polls', Indian Express
24 June 2002I am past, Omar will step into my shoes - Farooq Abdullah, The Pioneer
24 June 2002The endgame over Kashmir, (Amitabh Mattoo), The Hindu
24 June 2002US only facilitator not mediator: PM, Times of India
24 June 2002Autonomy key to J&K peace: Farooq, Times of India
24 June 2002'If Pak ends terrorism, we'll start talks': Interview with Indian PM Vajpayee (Lally Weymouth), Indian Express
24 June 2002'No promise to stop LoC movement for ever': Interview with Pak President Pervez Musharraf (Lally Weymouth), Indian Express
24 June 2002'Had there been no militancy Indian government would never have agreed to talk about Kashmir': Interview with Sardar Muhammed Abdul Qayyum Khan (Chindu Sreedharan), Rediff.com
24 June 2002NDA's Presidential Missile - Kalam: boon or bane? (Praful Bidwai)
23 June 2002Musharraf: Here's What I'll Do, Washington Post
23 June 2002An Interview with the Pakistan's President Musharraf, BBC
23 June 2002Are the polls are being postponed in Pakistan? (M.B. Naqvi)
23 June 2002Indians, Pakistanis get together to march for peace, Hindustan Times
23 June 2002Degradation of Indus Basin: how secure is South Asia's future? (Arjimand Hussain Talib), The News on Sunday (Pakistan)
23 June 2002Half a billion could die in an Indo-Pak, n-war, The Hindu
23 June 2002Pervez shifts frontline to UN (K.P. Nayar), The Telegraph (India)
23 June 2002Madarsa crackdown fear crosses border (Rasheed Kidwai), The Telegraph (India)
22 June 2002Nuclear ostriches all? (Praful Bidwai), Frontline
22 June 2002Armed forces will stay in J&K: Fernandes, The Hindu
22 June 2002Possession and Deployment of Nuclear Weapons in South Asia (R. Rajaraman, M.V. Ramana, Zia Mian), Economic and Political Weekly
21 June 2002Kashmir not a religious issue: PM, The Hindu
21 June 2002India objects to UN seminar on Kashmir; mobilises boycott (S. Rajagopalan), Hindustan Times
21 June 2002Ending support to terror basis for Kashmir solution: Blair (H.S. Rao), Rediff.com
21 June 2002We'll consider Hurriyat proposal: Fernandes (Shujaat Bukhari), The Hindu
21 June 2002India awaiting implementation of Musharraf's pledges, Hindustan Times
21 June 2002India may ignore Pak inaction on terror list (Aloke Tikku), The Statesman
21 June 2002From the jaws of self-defeat (Chris Gagne), The Hindu
21 June 2002Nuclear Extremism: Islamabad's Games Can Be Turned Against It (Swagato Ganguly), The Statesman
21 June 2002BJP Against allowing Hurriyat leaders to visit Pak, The Hindu
20 June 2002Decline in infiltration, says Fernandes, The Hindu
20 June 2002Pak must shut camps for India to talk, says US, Hindustan Times
20 June 2002Activists call for reduction of risk, Asian Age
20 June 2002Nuclear weapons helped avert war: Kalam, The Hindu
20 June 2002Hurriyat for parallel talks with India, Pak (M. Saleem Pandit), Times of India
20 June 2002Centre may clear Hurriyat Pak visit (Yusuf Jameel), Asian Age
20 June 2002Gilani Papers: Not-so secret, not-so official (Ritu Sarin), Indian Express
20 June 2002Vajpayee can't tackle Pak, terror: says VHP, Indian Express
20 June 2002Pak shelling in Kashmir down by 90%: Official, Times of India
20 June 2002India hasn't notified lifting airspace ban: Pak, Times of India
20 June 2002Vajpayee: third time lucky? (C. Raja Mohan), The Hindu
20 June 2002Armies, Indian and Pakistani, are still facing across the border (M.B. Naqvi)
20 June 2002Eduardo Faleiro: Statement re. daily war of words between India and Pakistan
19 June 2002Where do we stand (M.B. Naqvi), The News (Pakistan)
19 June 2002Time to move forward on Kashmir (Bharat Bhushan), The Telegraph (Calcutta)
19 June 2002The choice of Kalam (V. Krishna Ananth), The Hindu
19 June 2002Drumbeats Of War (Mahesh Rangarajan), The Telegraph
19 June 2002If US soldiers enter J&K, they'll never leave: Farooq Abdullah, Asian Age
19 June 2002US to continue support a dialogue between India, Pakistan (T.V. Parasuram), Rediff.com
19 June 2002New Qaeda units in Kashmir 'jihad' (Seema Mustafa), Asian Age
19 June 2002'Sensitive to Infiltration' (Josy Joseph), Rediff.com
18 June 2002Nuclear risk reduction measures between India and Pakistan, Movement in India for Nuclear Disarmament
18 June 2002Hurriyat says include us in Valley peace process (Nazir Masoodi), Indian Express
18 June 2002‘LoC crossing not infiltration’, The Statesman
18 June 2002Behind the brink: Way forward in Kashmir (B.G. Verghese), Times of India
18 June 2002We won without going to war: PM, Indian Express
18 June 2002India ready to take action if Pak stops J&K terrorism: MEA, The Pioneer
18 June 2002Tension between India, Pak easing: Rumsfeld (T.V. Parasuram), Rediff.com
18 June 2002Building on the thaw: Seize the moment now! (Praful Bidwai), Daily Star (Dhaka)
17 June 2002Cross-border terror is still alive: Advani, Indian Express
17 June 2002Anti-India rhetoric on Net (Nitin Mahajan), Statesman
17 June 2002Troops in de-escalatory mode, Hindustan Times
17 June 2002Identity Crisis (Hendrik Hertzberg), The New Yorker
17 June 2002Choking On Our Froth - War is a game played by the desperate (Anita Pratap), Outlook Magazine (New Delhi)
16 June 2002Importance of being Abdul Kalam (J. Sri Raman), Daily Times (Lahore)
16 June 2002Kalam a conformist, Deccan Herald (Bangalore)
16 June 2002Lessons from the almost-war (Praful Bidwai)
16 June 2002Pak defence gets Rs 15-bn boost (K.J.M. Varma), Indian Express
16 June 2002No perceptible tension along LoC: Fernandes, Times of India
16 June 2002End cross-border terrorism, E.U. tells Pak. (Batuk Gathani), The Hindu
15 June 2002We were nowhere near starting a war: George Fernandes, Times of India
15 June 2002'Cross-border terrorism, Kashmir issue not linked', The Hindu
15 June 2002UK begins probe of Thakur's activities (Rashmee Z. Ahmed), Times of India
15 June 2002One Month After Kaluchak: Five Lessons We Learnt, Can't Afford To Forget (Shekhar Gupta), Indian Express
15 June 2002India, U.S., U.K. may step up intelligence-sharing (C. Raja Mohan), The Hindu
15 June 2002Indo-Pak crisis should be solved bilaterally: Russia, UK, Rediff.com
15 June 2002Level-headed Pakistanis sorrowed by the prospect of Mr. Abdul Kalam becoming the next President of India (M.B. Naqvi)
15 June 2002A letter from Pakistan (M.B. Naqvi)
14 June 2002India, Pakistan behaving responsibly: Rumsfeld, Rediff.com
14 June 2002US 'facilitator', not 'mediator', says Powell (T.V. Parasuram), Rediff.com
14 June 2002India has thin edge over Pak militarily (Aloke Banerjee), Times of India
14 June 2002Rumsfeld reassures US as guarantor of permanent end to cross-border terrorism, Indian Express
14 June 2002Careless whispers from here and there (Ritu Sarin), Indian Express
14 June 2002[India's] Censor Board's war on "WAR AND PEACE" (Anand Patwardhan)
14 June 2002USA, India reject joint, Statesman
13 June 2002'This is not a diplomatic victory for India' (Interview: Salman Haider), Rediff.com
13 June 2002Carving a path to Hindu rashtra (Achin Vanaik), The Hindu
13 June 2002Al-Qaida active on LoC, says Rumsfeld, Statesman
12 June 2002A thought for the morrow (M.B. Naqvi), The News (Pakistan)
12 June 2002Musharraf has promised to dismantle terrorist camps, The Hindu
11 June 2002US welcomes Indian move to lift overflights ban, Rediff.com
11 June 2002Indian warships sail away from Pak waters, Times of India
11 June 2002Grace under fire (A.G. Noorani), Hindustan Times
11 June 2002Nuclear blackmail must be countered (K. Subrahmaniam), Times of India
11 June 2002Thanks to the foreign mediation (M.B. Naqvi)
11 June 2002Official reason for Kashmiri journalist's arrest is challenged, Reporters Without Borders
11 June 2002India allows Pak. Overflights, The Hindu
11 June 2002Heavy shelling on despite de-escalation moves, Times of India
10 June 2002Military Force Is No Solution - Dispel the clouds of war (Praful Bidwai)
10 June 2002Statement of Shared Concern, Sanctuary Asia
10 June 2002Splitting The Difference (Amitava Kumar)
10 June 2002India's Compellance Strategy: Calling Pakistan's Nuclear Bluff Over Kashmir (Gaurav Kampani), Monterey Institute of International Studies
9 June 2002Resolution Adopted by PIPFPD Convention In Karachi On June 8, 2002
9 June 2002Rally For Peace in India and Pakistan (June 10, San Francisco)
9 June 2002A report on "No-War, Peace Vigil" in Washington DC (June 5) (Kaleem Kwaja)
9 June 2002Borderline Madness (Praful Bidwai), The Nation (New York)
9 June 2002A Good Voice Silenced: Kashmir's Loss Is Also Mine (Pamela Constable), Washington Post
9 June 2002War threat helps BJP consolidate, opposition falters (Ajit Sahi), Indo-Asian News Service
9 June 2002India Pakistan Arms Race & Militarisation Watch (IPARMW) # 85
9 June 2002Report on 8 June anti war demo by South Asians in London
9 June 2002Which way now for India? (Luke Harding), The Observer (UK)
9 June 2002A Peace Convention and the wisdom of Ali Nawaz (Beena Sarwar)
8 June 2002Nuclear crisis in South Asia (T. Jayaraman), Frontline
8 June 2002Arms and education (C. Rammanohar Reddy), The Hindu
8 June 2002'Deterrence will not always work': Interview with Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy, Frontline
8 June 2002Instilling nuclear fear in the Indian mind (Sultan Shahin), Asia Times (Bangkok)
8 June 2002There is no alternative to peace: Jaswant, Hindustan Times
8 June 2002Calling Pak's bluff could be first step towards nuclear-free future: Turning nukes on their head (Shekhar Gupta), Indian Express
8 June 2002Statement by UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadors
8 June 2002A Patriot's Choice (Sherry Rehman), Daily Times (Lahore)
7 June 2002Loving the bomb still more (Salman Tarik Kureshi), Daily Times (Lahore)
7 June 2002No de-escalation now: Fernandes, Statesman
7 June 2002India is winning the image war (Kunwar Idris), Asian Age
7 June 2002After Rumsfeld and Armitage (M.B. Naqvi)
7 June 2002Who commissioned the Mori Survey? (John Dayal)
7 June 2002India Pakistan Arms Race & Militarisation Watch (IPARMW) # 84
7 June 2002Human Rights In India - The Lessons Of Gujarat and Kashmir (J.S. Bandukwala), Outlookindia.com
6 June 2002Fallacies of war-mongering (Praful Bidwai), The News (Pakistan)
6 June 2002Veil On Nuke Survival Plan (Seema Guha), Telegraph (India)
6 June 2002Communist Workers & Peasants Party Pakistan - on the current war situation
6 June 2002India plans war within two weeks (Rahul Bedi), Daily Telegraph (UK)
6 June 2002Tactical nuclear weapons: another firebreak (M.V. Ramana), Daily Times (Lahore)
6 June 2002There's Nowhere to Hide in India, Pakistan (Paul Watson & Tyler Marshall), Los Angeles Times
6 June 2002A modest suggestion to all residents of India and Pakistan... (Russell D. Hoffman)
6 June 2002A-bomb survivors fear new Hiroshima (Jonathan Watts), The Guardian
6 June 2002Clueless About Nuclear Holocaust: S. Asians need to be educated on the horrors of death under this scenario (Mahnaz Ispahani), Los Angeles Times
6 June 2002Eating Grass and Contemplating Armageddon in South Asia (Frida Berrigan)
6 June 2002PM for joint border patrolling, Times of India
6 June 2002George Fernandes tells media Pak threat is not a joke, Asian Age
6 June 2002UK: Contact your MP and ask to support an immediate weapons embargo on India & Pakistan
6 June 2002Nuclear War in South Asia (M. McKinzie, Z. Mian, M.V. Ramana & A.H. Nayyar), Foreign Policy in Focus
6 June 2002A report on "No-War, Peace Vigil" in Washington DC (June 5)
6 June 2002Dissing Ideologies: The slums of Bombay are indistinguishable from those of Karachi (Zia Ahmed), Chowk.com
6 June 2002The Distant Drums of War: In Queens, Indians and Pakistanis Live in Harmony (Sarah Kershaw), New York Times
5 June 2002War fears recede, yet foreigners flee (Manoj Joshi), Times of India
5 June 2002Petition to Vajpayee and Musharraf to stop march to Nuclear Holocaust
5 June 2002Nuclear war: Much ado about nothing?
5 June 2002Putin offers Moscow summit, Asian Age
5 June 2002Cross-border terrorism has to end for talks: PM, The Hindu
5 June 2002Heavy shelling along Indo-Pak border, Times of India
5 June 20023,000 terrorists waiting to infiltrate India from Pak: Vajpayee, Hindustan Times
5 June 2002Jaw-Jaw, Not War-War: Interview with I.K. Gujral, Times of India
5 June 2002Rein in the blackmailer: Terrorism, not Kashmir, is the central issue (Jasjit Singh), Indian Express
5 June 2002First straws? Pak’s Urdu press hints at a jehadi ‘ceasefire’ (Jyoti Malhotra), Indian Express
5 June 2002'US will tell India to de-escalate only if infiltration stops’, Rediff.com
5 June 2002‘All we expect from Musharraf regime: stop supporting terror’, Indian Express
5 June 2002Superpower retreat: Bowing to N-blackmail (K. Subrahmanyam), Times of India
5 June 2002Indian and Pakistani organizations held a joint peace vigil at the two embassies in Washington
4 June 2002Hurriyat asks Pak, India to keep peace (M. Saleem Pandit), Times of India
4 June 2002India talks down war fever (Rajesh Ramachandran), Times of India
4 June 2002Terror to blame for tension in S Asia: Vajpayee, Times of India
4 June 2002India rules out use of nuclear weapons, Times of India
4 June 2002Pak must take first step, India should follow suit: Armitage (Shobori Ganguli), Pioneer
4 June 2002'Jehadis scuttled a ceasefire plan’, Indian Express
4 June 2002S Asia paid heavy price for Kashmir: Mush (Rajesh Ramachandran), Times of India
4 June 2002India fears Mush may pull off media coup (Rajesh Ramachandran), Times of India
4 June 2002Summer games with nuclear bombs (Arundhati Roy), Times of India
4 June 2002Say No to Nukes: Interview with Pervez Hoodbhoy, Times of India
4 June 2002Clouds of war and killing of innocent civilians across the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir: URGENT APPEALS PROGRAM, Asian Human Rights Commission
4 June 2002UK fears refugee flood from Indo-Pak war, Hindustan Times
3 June 2002Infiltration into J&K continues unabated: Russia, Hindustan Times
3 June 2002South Asia: Waiting for the USA (J. Sri Raman)
3 June 2002"The fireball could be like a thousand suns": Interview with Dr. M.V. Ramana, Rediff.com
3 June 2002Chances of Indo-Pak war (Ahmed Rashid), Daily Times (Lahore)
3 June 2002Citizens Against War : Joint Statement by Eminent Persons
3 June 2002Petition To: Governments of India and Pakistan
3 June 2002India Pakistan Arms Race & Militarisation Watch (IPARMW) # 82
3 June 2002US-based think-tank initiates debate on averting Pak-India war (Naveed Ahmad), The News (Pakistan)
3 June 2002Question of war and peace (M.B. Naqvi)
3 June 2002Relying On A Hyperpower: The trouble with America (Praful Bidwai)
3 June 2002Christians welcome UK survey on J&K, Asian Age
3 June 2002PM will not meet Pervez, Statesman
3 June 2002Musharraf appeals to Vajpayee for peace talks, The Hindu
2 June 2002The confrontations of fundamentalism (Jeremy Seabrook), Statesman (Calcutta)
2 June 2002War talk and law talk (Balakrishnan Rajagopal), The Hindu (Chennai)
2 June 2002'More and more precarious': Radha Kumar on the prospect of a wider war between India and Pakistan (Arlene Getz), Newsweek Web
2 June 2002Under the nuclear shadow (Arundhati Roy), The Observer
2 June 2002. . . Revealing a Gap Between The Leaders and the People (Nafisa Hoodbhoy), Washington Post
2 June 2002India: Defence Secretary warns of nuke retaliation, Times of India
1 June 2002India & Pakistan: On the edge of a precipice, Economic Times (India)
1 June 2002Indian media must debate nuclear war (Sidharth Bhatia)
1 June 2002War Less a Worry Than Monsoon: Indians, Pakistanis Largely Discount Threat of Nuclear Conflict (Rajiv Chandrasekaran), Washington Post
1 June 2002Let Sanity prevail over war cries!, INSAF Bulletin
1 June 2002Invoke Hague Art 8 To Prevent Nuclear War Over Kashmir! (Francis A. Boyle)
1 June 2002Mass Protest outside Downing Street and Human Chain Against War and Communalism
1 June 2002Advani: We’ve to win the undeclared war, Hindustan Times

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