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Crisis India-Pakistan:
Achtergrondinformatie, analyse en nieuws
uit de Indiase, Pakistaanse en internationale media.
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January 2002: 31, 30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

31 January 2002Bush says Jaish is most dangerous terrorist group, Times of India
31 January 2002Pak daily says Advani is wanted, Islamabad says we are checking, Indian Express
31 January 2002A letter from Pakistan (M.B. Naqvi)
30 January 2002A Vision For The [Kashmir] Valley (A.G. Noorani), The Hindustan Times
30 January 2002'Vajpayee Can't Talk Secularism With Pakistan & Communalism With UP' (Rajeev Dhavan in an interview by Shamya Dasgupta), Tehelka.com
30 January 2002Pakistan to Forgo Charges Against 2 Nuclear Scientists (Peter Baker & Kamran Khan), Washington Post
30 January 2002More realistic thinking on the nukes (M B Naqvi)
29 January 2002U.S. pursuing India's military shopping list, The Hindu
29 January 2002India Pakistan Arms Race & Militarisation Watch (IPARMW) # 62
29 January 2002To the Brink in Kashmir - Military escalation, a groundbreaking speech, who is a terrorist?, Foreign Affairs - Background Briefing on Kashmir
29 January 2002'Give up nuclear brinkmanship', The Hindu
29 January 2002Two Pakistanis involved in Kolkata attack killed, The Hindu
29 January 2002India Sharpens Its Nuclear Claws (Praful Bidwai), Inter press Service
29 January 2002No neighbourly love lost: letter from Pakistan, Tehelka.com
29 January 2002Elections Play Key Role in India's War Footing (Robert Marquand), The Christian Science Monitor
29 January 2002Insecurity of nuclear security (Review by Dr Haider K. Nizamani), Dawn
29 January 2002EU declaration on India-Pak Crisis from Jan 29th
28 January 2002The Getaway - Questions surround a secret Pakistani airlift (Seymour M. Hersh), The New Yorker
28 January 2002Press Release, Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP)
28 January 2002Friendship not in face of terror: PM, The Hindustan Times
28 January 2002Aftab Ansari was recruited by ISI, claims Advani, The Times of India
28 January 2002Kashmiri militants find a haven in LSE, The Times of India
28 January 2002Open Letter to General Parvez Musharraf on Freedom of Religion in Pakistan
28 January 2002Press Statement by Pakistan Peace Coalition
28 January 2002US for pact with Pakistan, India on nuclear devices (Nadeem Malik), The News International (Pakistan)
27 January 2002Ready for talks, Musharraf tells PM, The Hindu
27 January 2002'Terrorism' Casts Shadow Over India's Campaign - Ruling Party Rallies Poor With Anti-Pakistan Rhetoric (Rajiv Chandrasekaran), The Washington Post
27 January 2002Peace Demonstrators Urge India & Pakistan To Resume Dialogue, Joint Press Release Friends of South Asia and Qaumantri Punjabi Bhaichara Group Of California
26 January 2002Pakistan-India: continuing military tension and an obvious intensification of the nuclear and missile arms race (M.B. Naqvi)
26 January 2002Wars don't come cheap (Sultan Shahin), Asia Times
26 January 2002Nuclear Terrorism: A New Threshold? (Achin Vanaik), Economic and Political Weekly
26 January 2002Kashmir: The Dirty War (Prabhu Ghate), Economic and Political Weekly
25 January 2002Second coup (Praful Bidwai), The Hindustan Times
25 January 2002India test-fires nuke capable Agni missile, Times of India
25 January 2002Pakistan warns India over missile test: The timing of the test is seen as sensitive, BBC News
25 January 2002People for Peace Statement
25 January 2002Withdraw troops from frontline, Kofi Annan tells India, The Hindu
25 January 2002Pak. Groups want U.N. resolution implemented, The Hindu
25 January 2002Madrasas being used to provide shelter to ultras, Pioneer
24 January 2002Global Vigil For Peace Between Pakistan And India
24 January 2002Ready to face war with courage: PM, The Hindu
24 January 2002India will not pull back till infiltration stops: Fernandes, The Hindu
24 January 2002Farhan Malik's extradition may be sought, The Hindu
24 January 2002Ours is a bigger deal: Musharraf, The Hindu
24 January 2002The Indo-Pakistan standoff seems to be working nicely for advancing America's strategic advantages (M.B. Naqvi)
24 January 2002Can Musharraf reform jihadi culture? (Elizabeth Rubin), The Christian Science Monitor
24 January 2002Lonely Voice of Peace In Warring Pakistan (Mohamad Bazzi), Newsday
23 January 2002India Pakistan Arms Race & Militarisation Watch (IPARMW) # 61
23 January 2002India to accede to convention on nukes, India Network News Digest
23 January 2002India to adopt tighter nuclear transport pact, Khaleej Times
23 January 2002US zeroing in on nuke plan? (Syed Mohammad Tariq Pirzada), The Frontier Post
23 January 2002Pak ready for denuclearisation of S Asia, sign No War Pact , The Hindustan Times
23 January 2002The General's Dream - The Inside Story of Musharraf's Bold Reforms, Newsweek
23 January 2002Blood daybreak in Kolkata, Times of India
23 January 2002The Sanctification of Nuclear War: Implications of the Draft "Indian" Nuclear Doctrine (part I & II) (N.D. Jayaprakash)
23 January 2002The Sanctification of Nuclear War: Implications of the Draft "Indian" Nuclear Doctrine (part III & IV) (N.D. Jayaprakash)
22 January 2002Moral Asymmetry (Gautam Adhikari), The Times of India
22 January 2002What have the communalists learnt from Staines' murder? (Dominic Emmanuel), The Hindu
22 January 2002Prompt action if Pak sends list, Statesman
21 January 2002Musharraf's Landmark Speech - De-escalate right now! (Praful Bidwai)
21 January 2002Musharraf moots four-part peace process, The Hindu
21 January 2002Needed a coherent India policy (M. B. Naqvi)
21 January 2002Pakistan India: Now list wars, The Frontier Post
21 January 2002Indian wheat gives Pakistan germ jitters, Times of India
21 January 2002No war, no pullout, no talks, says Defence Minister, Indian Express
21 January 2002India puts fresh demands before Pak, Pioneer
20 January 2002Building the peace in South Asia with sale of weapons (Farish A. Noor), Cross Currents
20 January 2002Musharraf nearly signed extradition treaty at Agra summit, says Advani , The Hindu
20 January 2002It Doesn't Start in Kashmir, and It Never Ends Well (Sam Gardiner), Washington Post
20 January 2002Pakistan: General Must Fall on His Political Sword (Paula R. Newberg), Los Angeles Times
20 January 2002Kashmir: When the boat became a coffin - Violence has changed the landscape of Kashmir but the artists continue to hold on to memories of peace (Mufti Islah & Vidya Shivadas), Indian Express
19 January 2002Pullback only after concrete Pak. Steps, The Hindu
19 January 2002Response after Pak. Acts on list: Jaswant, The Hindu
19 January 2002Only immature people talk of nuclear war: Fernandes, Asian Age
19 January 2002Of the revival of secular sentiment in Pakistan, impressions from a visit (A.G. Noorani), Frontline
18 January 2002Global Vigils for Peace Between Pakistan and India, People for Peace
18 January 2002Pakistan: Yet another set of Reforms (M.B. Naqvi)
18 January 2002India And Pakistan Embark On Urgent Weapons Acquisition Program; "Contained" Conflict Expected In March 2002, Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily
18 January 2002Colin Powell brings Pak assurance, Hindustan Times
18 January 2002Burying the Zia legacy in Pakistan (Saeed Naqvi), Indian Express
17 January 2002Give Peace A Chance (Ahmed Rashid), Far Eastern Economic Review
17 January 2002Sweating Over Kashmir, Far Eastern Economic Review
17 January 2002A vision for India-Pakistan collaboration (Akbar Ahmed & Amit Pandya), The Christian Science Monitor
16 January 2002Peace Groups Worldwide Call On India, Pakistan, To Step Back From The Brink, Friends of the Earth Australia
16 January 2002Fear and Flight in Deadly Kashmir (Somini Sengupta), The New York Times
16 January 2002'People of India, Pak. want peace, not war', The Hindu
16 January 2002Prevent Indo-Pak war - Peace Letter to Indian, Pak, Govts, Friends of Earth Sydney
15 January 2002India-Pakistan standoff - Breaking the Gordian knot (M. B. Naqvi)
15 January 2002Pride and Prejudice in Indo-Pak tension (V.B.Rawat)
15 January 2002Colin Powell arrives in Islamabad on Wednesday on what is not called by its proper name: mediation (M.B. Naqvi)
15 January 2002Time to provoke peace (Beena Sarwar), The News International
15 January 2002What Pakistani citizens should be loudly asking the government of Pakistan, Dawn
15 January 2002Pakistan: HRCP urges govt to enforce ban on militant groups, Dawn
15 January 2002Way Ahead For Peace Between India & Pakistan (Statement by Admiral Ramdas & other Indian Peace activists)
15 January 2002India Pakistan Arms Race & Militarisation Watch (IPARMW) # 60
15 January 2002Border status quo till Pak acts: India, Hindustan Times
15 January 2002China no threat to India, says Zhu, Hindustan Times
14 January 2002A Face-Off With Nuclear Stakes (Joshua Hammer), Newsweek International
14 January 2002After The Kathmandu Handshake - Resume Indo-Pak dialogue (Praful Bidwai)
14 January 2002Pakistani Fundos Forced Underground (Kamran Khan and Craig Whitlock), Washington Post
14 January 2002Why Vajpayee will always prefer Zia to Musharraf (Jawed Naqvi), Dawn
14 January 2002Letter from Pakistan Peace Coalition to General Musharraf
14 January 2002India must de-escalate and match Musharraf (Praful Bidwai), Inter Press Service
14 January 2002We have no plan to broker Indo-Pak. Peace, says Zhu, The Hindu
14 January 2002India welcomes General's speech, sets terms for talks, Hindustan Times
14 January 2002Pakistani Fundos respond to the Musharaf Govt.
13 January 2002Nuclear war is not a bilateral matter (M. J. Akbar), Dawn
13 January 2002Provoke Peace! Join The Demo. - Vigil in Karachi (18 Jan 2002)
13 January 2002Mistrust in the air channel war (Nadeem Iqbal), The News on Sunday (Pakistan)
13 January 2002Thin line holds back war (Luke Harding), The Observer
13 January 2002Struggle for Kashmir Is Fueled By Clashing National Narratives (Somini Sengupta), The New York Times
13 January 2002PMO told George to issue clarification, Statesman
13 January 2002Musharraf bans Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad; invites Vajpayee for talks, The Hindu
13 January 2002Musharraf moves against jihadis, Statesman
12 January 2002£1bn arms push to India: Blair criticised over deal days after promoting peace (Richard Norton-Taylor and Ewen MacAskill), The Guardian
12 January 2002India won't use N-weapons first, says Fernandes, Statesman
12 January 2002India ready for war on Terror, Pioneer
12 January 2002Fear of war triggers exodus here (Sunny Sebastian), The Hindu
12 January 2002India-Pakistan Relations, Economic and Political Weekly
11 January 2002Hope withers with the crops along India's mined border (Luke Harding), The Guardian
11 January 2002Pakistan- India: Beggars on the prowl (Sajad Gani Lone), The News International
11 January 2002Bush Meets India's Envoy; Fears of Pakistan War Deepen (David E. Sanger with Judith Miller), The New York Times
11 January 2002Internet in border areas banned (Munawar Hassan), The Nation (Pakistan)
11 January 2002Bush to Pak: Give up Terror Policy, Pioneer
11 January 2002India / Pakistan : Hiding behind a nuclear cloud (Nadeem Iqbal), Asia Times
11 January 2002Blasphemy on the beach: There may be a South Asian version of Mutually Assured Destruction. But a little less madness would do us good (Daniel Lak), Nepali Times
10 January 2002India and Pakistan - Dangerous Manoeuvres (J Slater & A Rashid), Far Eastern Economic Review
10 January 2002Imagining history - The deafening clash of myth and fact (Mushirul Hasan), Indian Express
10 January 2002Ailing Pakistani infants caught at the 'line of control' (Paawana Poonacha), The Times of India
10 January 2002India's deadly defence: the 1,800 mile long minefield: Outlawed weapons create no man's land on border (Simon Tisdall and Ewen MacAskill), The Guardian
10 January 2002India/Pakistan: Landmines will only increase deaths and maiming of civilians, Amnesty International News Release
10 January 2002Victim of macho nationalism (Praful Bidwai), The Hindustan Times
10 January 2002The Right to Protest (Dr Riaz Ahmed)
10 January 2002Troops may not be pulled back soon, The Hindu
10 January 2002India, Pak DGMOs in touch with each other, Asian Age
10 January 2002'India fully capable of n-deployment', The Hindu
9 January 2002Cross-border hatred: Blame history books (Arun S), The EconomicTimes
9 January 2002Pakistan: Clear policy on Pakistan, India ties demanded by Joint Action Committee for Peace, Dawn
9 January 2002Indo-Pak War Crisis Continues
9 January 2002Pakistani militants undaunted - Musharraf's Army quietly sympathizes with Pakistani jihadis who claim Kashmir (Elizabeth Rubin), The Christian Science Monitor
9 January 2002Pakistan May Be Unable to Calm Kashmir (Somini Sengupta), The New York Times
9 January 2002Hasty mine-laying costing Army dearly, Times of India
9 January 2002Situation in Pakistan (M. B. Naqvi)
9 January 2002Where people live under threat of war, The Hindu
9 January 2002India's Politics of Brinksmanship on Kashmir (Achin Vanaik), Foreign Policy in Focus
9 January 2002Winnable Nuclear War? (N.D. Jayaprakash)
9 January 2002Pakistan Can Defuse The Kashmir Crisis? (Mansoor Ijaz), Los Angeles Times
9 January 2002Fighting Over Identity: Keeping people apart suits the agenda of the generals in Pakistan and the nationalists in India (Salil Tripathi), The Asian Wall Street Journal Times
9 January 2002Prove you are fighting terror: Bush, Hindustan Times
9 January 2002Motion in British Parliament regarding India Pakistan
8 January 2002Musharraf's Bind: Averting War Without Humiliation (John F. Burns), The New York Times
8 January 2002Building a tolerant society in Pakistan (Naeem Sadiq), Dawn
8 January 2002Pakistan India War Clouds (M. B. Naqvi)
8 January 2002Halt Hostilities & War-Posturing, Resume Dialogue: Demand Indo-Pak Peace activists (USA), Friends of South Asia
8 January 2002Kashmir Dispute Will Make Ground Zero Seem Like a Bonfire (Rafiq Kathwari), Counterpunch.org
8 January 2002Border Peasants Flee As Fields Are Sown With Mines (Richard Beeston), London Times
8 January 2002Bodies of soldiers arrive, Times of India
8 January 2002No war, let's heal the subcontinent (V.T. Patil & Sri Asiananda),The Hindu
8 January 2002Pervez climbs down on list, rejects terror, Statesman
7 January 2002Peace is the only option (Kalpana Sharma & Ayesha Khan), The Hindu
7 January 2002Media for peace (Imtiaz Alam), The News International
7 January 2002Bush's South Asia Strategy: Keep Terrorism as the Villain (David E. Sanger), The New York Times
7 January 2002'South Asia can't afford N-war', Dawn
7 January 2002Rival Armies Are 'Eyeball To Eyeball' in Tense Kashmir' (Mark Landler), International Herald Tribune
7 January 2002Looking Down the Barrel (Anthony Spaeth), Time.com
7 January 2002Pakistan Press Release : Peace rally brutally disrupted by the police, Dawn
7 January 2002Pakistan has arrested a large number of militants, BBC News
7 January 2002The Hawks Circle South Asia (Vijay Prashad), ZNet
7 January 2002URGENT! Prevent Indo-Pak war - Pls Sign Peace Letter to Indian, Pak, Govts, FoE Sydney - Nuclear Campaign
7 January 2002Cross-border terror must end: Blair, Hindustan Times
7 January 2002U.S. Indian-Pakistani Bonds Defy Hostilities Back Home (S. Mitra Kalita), Newsday
6 January 2002The activists' view of war (Nawaz Khan), The News on Sunday / The New International
6 January 2002India: Refugees in their own land (Sh Bukhari, S Pandher & S Sebastian), The Hindu
6 January 2002Letter to the Pakistan President: Council of Advocates International
6 January 2002O what a lovely war! (Pamela Philipose), Indian Express
6 January 2002Kashmir is to our leaders what Osama was to the Taliban (Dr Farrukh Saleem), The News International
6 January 2002Blocking the road to peace (Beena Sarwar), The News on Sunday
6 January 2002Borders closed (Beena Sarwar), The News on Sunday
6 January 2002Blair backs India's stand on terrorism, Times of India
6 January 20025 Nations steer India, Pak to peace, Asian Age
6 January 2002PM to PAK: Control Terrorists first, Asian Age
5 January 2002The cost of war (C. Rammanohar Reddy), The Hindu
5 January 2002Amartya Sen decries 'sectarian outlook' to education, TheHindu
5 January 2002The dogs of war (Praful Bidwai), Frontline
5 January 2002Bridge over troubled waters (Ashutosh Misra), The Hindustan Times
5 January 2002The foolishness of war (Khushwant Singh), The Hindustan Times
5 January 2002Madness at noon (Irfan Husain), Dawn
5 January 2002China will help Pakistan in any eventuality: Pak, Indian Express
4 January 2002India's 'Amen Corner' (Justin Raimondo), antiwar.com
4 January 2002South Asia's Enduring Conflict - India united in distrust (Marisa Handler), San Francisco Chronicle
4 January 2002Do We Have To Wait For A War To Bring These Politicians To Their Senses? (Tariq Ali), The Independent (UK)
4 January 2002Peace, progress and the private armies (Naeem Sadiq)
4 January 2002Pakistan: Peace walk condemns violence against Wagah rally, Dawn
4 January 2002India makes public proof of Pak terror, Hindustan Times
3 January 2002Thousands flee rivals' war moves, BBC News
3 January 2002Here is a truth we can all agree on (Kamila Shamsie), The Guardian (UK)
3 January 2002The ISI Facade: Pakistan can fight India only if we have internal unity (Hamid Mir), The Weekly Independent
3 January 2002Peace forum flays lathi-charge on Wagah rally, Dawn
3 January 2002SAFMA - Journos do their bit for peace (Vinod Sharma), The Hindustan Times
3 January 2002India yet to decide on bilateral meeting with Pak, The Hindu
3 January 2002ISI 'ordered' to keep off jehadi outfits in J&K, The Hindu
3 January 2002Pak plugging for swadeshi Kashmir movement?, Indian Express
2 January 2002Make Peace not War (Kamal Mitra Chenoy), Economic Times (India)
2 January 2002Canada: South Asians Rally For Peace Between India and Pakistan, SANSAD
2 January 2002India: Press Release - People For Peace
2 January 2002Pull India, Pakistan From the Brink (Shireen T. Hunter), Los Angeles Times
2 January 2002New Delhi Would Be Smart to Give Musharraf Its Support (Najam Sethi), The International Herald Tribune
2 January 2002Now Is the Time for India and Pakistan to Strike a Bargain (Nayan Chanda), The International Herald Tribune
2 January 2002Amid war rhetoric, a carnival of peace (Ehtashamuddin Khan), Indo-Asian News Service
2 January 2002India, Pakistan urged to hold talks, Dawn
2 January 2002With Wrath and Wire, India Builds a Great Wall (Somini Sengupta), New York Times
2(?) January 2002India and Pakistan - Running Naked (Anwar Iqbal), Chowk.com
2 January 2002Pakistan Is Said to Order an End to Support for Militant Groups (John F. Burns), The New York Times
2 January 2002India and Pakistan: Towards a mutual knockout? (Ahmed Sadik), Dawn
2 January 2002South Asia Foundation Press Communiqué
2 January 2002Cold war's many costs (M. B. Naqvi), The News International
2 January 2002Give us a chance to help Pak fight terror: US to PM, Indian Express
1 January 2002Controlling Pakistan's Nukes (Ramindar Singh), The American Prospect
1 January 2002India tells Pak: here's our list, now put your money where your mouth is, Indian Express
1 January 2002Defiant RSS asks US to democratize Pak, Asian Age

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