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Crisis India-Pakistan:
Achtergrondinformatie, analyse en nieuws
uit de Indiase, Pakistaanse en internationale media.
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30 January 2001Bangladesh has role in creating nuke-free South Asia: Indo-Pak forum (Ershadul Huq), Yahoo! India News
29 January 2001A potential intifadah on India's border (H.D.S. Greenway), Boston Globe
28 January 2001Let Them Visit Pakistan, Kashmir Images
26 January 2001On the Kashmir Ceasefire: Bury It, Still Hissing, Under A Rock (Dilip D'Souza), Rediff.com
26 January 2001Agni to be inducted into Indian Air Force soon, Times of India
26 January 2001Pakistani groups launch anti-US offensive, Asia Times
25 January 2001Pakistani Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar on the political gridlock with India (Hannah Bloch), Time (Asia)
25 January 2001Pakistan warns on dangers of U.S. missile shield (Stephanie Nebehay), Yahoo! India News
25 January 2001Russia breaks its word, The Economist
25 January 2001Nuclear dialogue with Pakistan (V.R. Raghavan), The Hindu
24 January 2001A tale of two Kashmirs: bridging the great divide (Masood Hussain), Tehelka.com
24 January 2001Pak Navy going nuclear, DefenceIndia.com
24 January 2001At village chosen for nuclear site, fission's already started (Hartosh Singh Bal), Indian Express
24 January 2001The missile squadrons (C.V. Gopalakrishnan), The Hindu
22 January 2001Nuclear restraint and risk reduction (Maqbool Ahmad Bhatty), Dawn
22 January 2001Kashmir peace initiative hangs in balance (Siddharth Varadarajan), Times of India
21 January 2001Peace lobby protests Agni missile tests (Papri Sri Raman), India Abroad News Service
21 January 2001Australian humbug : Hypocracy of countries which initially condemned India's test in 1998 (Brian Cloughley), News International
20 January 2001Changing Course of Kashmiri Struggle: From National Liberation to Islamist Jihad? (Yoginder Sikand), Economic and Political Weekly
20 January 2001Transition in Washington: Overseas India & Pakistan (Barry Bearak), New York Times
20 January 2001Pakistan: Shaheen Missile all set for test (B. Muralidhar Reddy), The Hindu
19 January 2001Kashmir & power of illusion (Ayaz Amir), Dawn
19 January 2001Kashmir: prospects and obstacles (Rashed Rahman), Dawn
19 January 2001Unholy wars: Religio-political forces in Pakistan could spell trouble (Najam Sethi), Friday Times
19 January 2001No-first-use of nuclear weapons: Pakistan needs to engage India, Friday Times
18 January 2001China's fears over India missile test, BBC News Online
17 January 2001Let Kashmiris decide their future: Editor, Times of India
17 January 2001The Lineage of Control (Ashok Mitra), The Telegraph
15 January 2001Indian, Pakistani experts say 1998 nuclear tests brought stability, Deutsche Presse-Agentur
13 January 2001Pakistan: No nuclear aid, Straits Times (Singapore)
13 January 2001India-Pakistan: Peace process should have life of its own, Friday Times
12 January 2001India, Pakistan go in search of new neighbors (Sultan Shahin), Asia Times
11 January 2001Pakistan nuclearising its Navy (Sultan Shahin), Times of India
8 January 2001The Peace Zygote (Malini Parthasarathy), Outlook
8 January 2001Pokaran: Sleeping with the bomb (Soutik Biswas), Outlook
6 January 2001India Pakistan Arms Race & Militarisation Watch (IPARMW) # 32
6 January 2001India-Pakistan: Cross-border marriages bridge divide (Joydeep Ray), Indian Express
5 January 2001The Islamist and Hindutva Politics: Identities of Outlook and Objectives (Hassan N. Gardezi)
5 January 2001India Pakistan Arms Race & Militarisation Watch (IPARMW) # 31
3 January 2001Indo-Pak Talks: Don't Make a Villain of Musharraf (Mansoor Ijaz), Times of India
2 January 2001Indian Air Force Advocates 'First Strike Capability' (Mohammed Ahmedullah), Defense Week

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