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Crisis India-Pakistan:
Achtergrondinformatie, analyse en nieuws
uit de Indiase, Pakistaanse en internationale media.
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February 2001Our blind nuclear prophets (Pervez Hoodbhoy)
28 February 2001Peace-seekers come calling (M.H. Askari), Dawn
28 February 2001Vajpayee's extension: headway but no jubilation (Sultan Shahin), Asia Times
28(?) February 2001Kashmir: Peace and politics of communalism (Hamid Bashani)
27 February 2001Films help fan the flames of hatred (Muddassir Rizvi), Asia Times
24 February 2001US/India/Pakistan: 'Two Nuclear Neighbors Not Talking To Each Other Is Startling' (Maseeh Rahman), Time Asia
22 February 2001Can nuclear warheads on local rockets ensure stable peace on the Subcontinent? (M.B. Naqvi)
21 February 2001Kashmir: What You and I can do (Yoginder Sikand), Himayat
20 February 2001Indo-Pak relations: No more the game of ambivalence (A.M.M. Shahabuddin), Daily Star
20 February 2001India/Pakistan: Having Fun is Forbidden (Omar Kureishi), Dawn
19 February 2001Kashmir clashes continue (Luke Harding), The Guardian
19 February 2001Pakistan: Reining in misplaced zealotry, Dawn
19 February 2001Cease Firing! (Sonia Jabbar), Tehelka.com
19 February 2001India: 'Bridges of Friendship' - One Span Missing (Lalita Ramdas)
19 February 2001The general and his plan for Pakistan (Carla Power), Newsweek International
18 February 2001What chance Talibanization? (Mohammad Waseem), Dawn
17 February 2001'Ceasefire' questions (Aijaz Ahmad), Frontline
17 February 2001The Logic of Unilateral Ceasefire (Balraj Puri), Frontline
16 February 2001Taming the paper tigers (Ayaz Amir), Dawn
16 February 2001Pedagogy of jihad (Imtiaz Alam), News International
15 February 2001Towards a Vajpayee-Musharraf meeting (C. Raja Mohan), The Hindu
10 February 2001A Pakistani Speaks out - Wanted: Unqualified Apology for What We did in East Pakistan in 1971 (Mahir Ali), Mainstream
10 February 2001Russia to lease long-range bombers to India, Times of India
8 February 2001What next in Kashmir? (Harish Khare), The Hindu
7 February 2001CIA sees high risk of Indo-Pak war (T.V. Parasuram), Rediff.com
6 February 2001Kashmir: A last chance for peace (Hamid Bashani)
5 February 2001NSG objects again after Russia says LEU exports to India are proceeding (Mark Hibbs), NuclearFuel
5 February 2001Are India and Pakistan stumbling toward resolution of the Kashmir divide? (Michael Fathers), Time (Asia edition)
3 February 2001'We must sustain the ceasefire' - Interview with Admiral L. Ramdas (Asha Krishnakumar), Frontline
2 February 2001Missile proliferation - Risk reduction through restraint, Friday Times
1 February 2001Ukrainian laser-guided missile could be offered to Pakistan, Jane's Missiles And Rockets

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