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Crisis India-Pakistan:
Achtergrondinformatie, analyse en nieuws
uit de Indiase, Pakistaanse en internationale media.
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29 September 2000India Pakistan Arms Race & Militarisation Watch (IPARMW) # 23
29 September 2000CTBT: The "should" vs "can" dilemma (Ejaz Haider), Friday Times
27 September 2000The other side of nuclear policy, News International
27 September 2000Mori, Clinton's visits to Pakistan, India: Japan and US send wrong signals (Ralph A. Cossa), Asia Times
27 September 2000India/Pakistan: For God's sake let us talk first! (Brig. N.B. Grant), Kashmir Times
25 September 2000Ready For Jehad: A first-hand account from Pakistan on how the proxy war is bred and sustained (Ghulam Hasnain), OutlookIndia.com
21 September 2000Death in Kashmir (Pankaj Mishra), New York Review of Books
20 September 2000Many faces, one image (Balraj Puri), Hindustan Times
20 September 2000Nuclear watchdog fails to provide peace of mind (Muddassir Rizvi), Asia Times
19 September 2000India Pakistan Arms Race & Militarisation Watch (IPARMW) # 22
19 September 2000Amartya, Gujral join Track II initiative (Seema Mustafa), Asian Age
16 September 2000Yearning to be great, India loses its way (Pankaj Mishra), New York Times
16 September 2000India and the Bomb (Amartya Sen), Frontline
14 September 2000Pakistan: Military Facelift - Army leaders shuffle jobs in an apparent effort to woo the west at a UN summit (Ahmed Rashid), Far Eastern Economic Review
8 September 2000No reason still to love the bomb (Arvind Kala), The Telegraph
1 September 2000South Asian nuclear dialogue (V.R. Raghavan), The Hindu

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