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uit de Indiase, Pakistaanse en internationale media.
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20 October 2000No-first-use vs No-war-pact, or both? (Ejaz Haider), Friday Times
19 October 2000South Asia spends more on defence (Solmaz Dabiri), BBC News online
19 October 2000India Pakistan Arms Race & Militarisation Watch (IPARMW) # 24
19 October 2000India Pakistan Arms Race & Militarisation Watch (IPARMW) # 25
19 October 2000India Pakistan Arms Race & Militarisation Watch (IPARMW) # 26
19 October 2000Nuclear restraint & risk reduction (P.R. Chari), The Hindu
18 October 2000India's nuclear doctrine unclear (Rahul Bedi), Jane's Defence Weekly
16 October 2000Siamese Twins Never Embrace (Mohsin Hamid), Outlook
14 October 2000The game of numbers (Praveen Swami), Frontline
11 October 2000India's and Pakistan's Fissile material and Nuclear Weapons Inventories, end of 1999 (David Albright), ISIS
11 October 2000From Pokharan to Harappa (Amrita Abraham), Indian Express
10 October 2000A Jihad Leader Finds the U.S. Perplexingly Fickle (Barry Bearak), New York Times
8 October 2000Generation Next (Meezan Zahra), News International
6 October 2000Peace Bureau to award MacBride Prize to Indian anti-nuclear activists
2 October 2000The 'Right Side Of History'? Vajpayee buries Nehru's ghost (Praful Bidwai)
2 October 2000On Kashmir & Pakistan Foreign Policy: Whither are we? (Asma Jahangir), Dawn
2 October 2000Through 'Hindu' Eyes (Praful Bidwai), The Nation (New York)

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