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Crisis India-Pakistan:
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uit de Indiase, Pakistaanse en internationale media.
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November 2000Darkness at noon - 1944: why the Nuclear energy sector is ailing and how it is a threat to public safety (George Iype), Rediff.com
November 2000Pakistan's Jihad culture (Jessica Stern), Foreign Affairs
30 November 2000Din-e-Mohammad Taliban establishes Islamic jihad madrassas in Jammu & Kashmir (Rahul Bedi), Tehelka.com
30 November 2000Militarised daily life in Kashmir: Suicide rate, Viagra sales go through the roof (Rahul Bedi), Tehelka.com
29 November 2000India Pakistan Arms Race & Militarisation Watch (IPARMW) # 27
28 November 2000IAF suggests nuclear air command, Yahoo! India News
28 November 2000Pakistan: Initiatives for peace, Dawn
26 November 2000Intellectuals call for peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue, Dawn
26 November 2000A peace movement is born (C. Rammanohar Reddy), The Hindu
26 November 2000Pakistan: Regulatory authority for N-arms demanded, Dawn
25 November 2000Nuclear issues: A platform for peace (Sukumar Muralidharan), Frontline
25 November 2000Right to conduct more N-tests not closed: Jaswant, Times of India
25 November 2000Sindh, the land of peace, holds "Pen for Peace" Conference, Dawn
24 November 2000Kashmir and Pakistan's rivers (Khaled Ahmed), Friday Times
22 November 2000A Workable Peace Plan For Kashmir (Mansoor Ijaz), International Herald Tribune
13 November 2000Kashmir: Peace through autonomy and reconciliation (Aijaz Ahmad)
2 November 2000India's Nuclear Dilemmas, The Economist

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