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Crisis India-Pakistan:
Achtergrondinformatie, analyse en nieuws
uit de Indiase, Pakistaanse en internationale media.
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29 May 2000Pakistan becoming threat to world peace: UK (Aamir Ghauri), News International
26 May 2000Disarming Success (Sean Howard), The Telegraph
25 May 2000Ending the n-race (Zia Mian, M.V. Ramana & Hui Zhang), The Hindu
21 May 2000Paradise Lost, in the Name of God and Self-Determination (Mansoor Ijaz), Los Angeles Times
21 May 2000The Human Haul: Plight of Pakistani fishermen in Indian jails (S. Raza Hassan), News of Sunday
20 May 2000Two years after the atomic tests: A Lack of Democratic Debate in India and Pakistan (Bernard Imhasly), Neue Zürcher Zeitung
18 May 2000Ex-Indian Naval Chief slams nuclearization, Dawn
18 May 2000The drought on both sides (Tahir Mirza), Dawn
15 May 2000On the nuclear roller-coaster (M.B. Naqvi), Dawn
14 May 2000Time to wage peace between India - Pakistan (Aisha Gazdar), News on Sunday/News International
13 May 2000Time for Alternatives to Violence in Kashmir (Balraj Puri), Economic & Political Weekly
13 May 2000Pokharan In Retrospect: The High Costs of Nuclearism (Praful Bidwai), Times of India
13 May 2000Two years after the historic folly (Praful Bidwai), Frontline
13 May 2000Pakistan-India forum calls for talks, Dawn
12 May 2000Eqbal Ahmad: Post Pokharan Days (Pervez Hoodbhoy), Friday Times
11 May 2000Cruel Borders: On border crossing between India and Pakistan (Peter Boyle)
11 May 2000India, Pakistan Show Nuke Restraint, New York Times
7 May 2000Two years after the nuclear tests (Najum Mushtaq)
7 May 2000In Search of Identity (Mubarak Ali), Dawn

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