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We are not untouchable - End Caste Discrimination Now!
12 min, English subtitles, 2012
This short film brings to light a handful of violations that those who continue to be treated as 'untouchables', are subjected to. They also show how Dalit activists stand up for their rights and demand change. The films are a collage of video material from Dalit community video volunteers, documentary filmmakers, and NGOs. They cover India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Yemen.
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Manual scavengers in Erode district, Tamil Nadu
22,5 min, English subtitles, 2012
Recent research exposed 146 manual scavengers found in Erode district, Tamil Nadu. Most of them belong to the Arunthathiyer community.
(Research study done by Rights education Development Centre (READ), Sathyamangalam)
(download from website YouTube)
India, land of the Dalits
8,5 min, Dutch/Nederlands, 2008
Een reportage over de schrijnende situatie van de 'onaanraakbaren' in India. Tevens eigen visie, tijdens reis als geluidsvrouw voor Edukans opgedaan.
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various videos, regularly updated, Hindi/English/...., from May 2010 onwards
IndiaUnheard is the first ever community news service launched by Video Volunteers. This new initiative is constituted of a network of community correspondents who are trained to tell unique stories; stories about their own communities; stories which are otherwise left untold. By feeding this community-produced content to national and international outlets, such as mainstream television channels and social networking sites, IndiaUnheard links rural communities with a truly global audience. Through bridging these worlds, IndiaUnheard empowers communities to create real change on real issues affecting their lives.
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India Untouched
126.9 MB, 110 min, Hindi/English/...., 2007
India Untouched: Stories of a people apart will make it impossible for anyone in India to deny that untouchability is still practiced today. Director Stalin K. and his team spent four years traveling the length and breadth of India to bear witness to the continued exclusion and segregation of those considered as 'untouchables'.
Directed by: Stalin K. / Produced by: DRISHTI / Presented by: NAVSARJAN
(download from website Asian Human Rights Commission)
I'm Dalit, how are you?
23.2 MB, 11 min, English subtitles...., 2002
160 million people in India are born outside the four castes of the Varna system – the oldest surviving social hierarchy of the world. They are called the “untouchables”. They themselves have chosen the name Dalits (broken people).
Infos: – International Dalit Solidarity Network (IDSN).
Producer: B. Hovgaard (DanChurchAid) (based on 'Lesser Humans' by K. Stalin and 'Resilient Rhythms' by Gopal Menon)
(download from website YouTube)
Outcast heroes [preview]
14.8 MB, 6 min, English subtitles...., 2008
On human rights defenders defending the rights of Dalits in India, formerly known as "untouchables".
Fatusch Productions, 2008.
(download from website YouTube)
A woman apart
24.6 MB, 10 min, 2005
Fragments from the life of Dalit women in India.
Producer: Titojoe Documentaries
(download from website YouTube)
Who are the Dalits?
16.2 MB, 7 min, English/...., 2007
Oppression. Slavery. Apartheid. Yesterday’s vocabulary? Think again. Learn more about the Dalits of India and the Dalit Freedom Network that is working on their behalf.
(download from website YouTube)
Untouchable? - India
54.4 MB, 23 min, English/...., 2008
December 2000. Veerasamy takes in washing for his living. He lives in a small village in southern India where all the inhabitants are Dalits - outcasts or 'Untouchables' as they're known in India. But even among the dalits, there are divisions, and Veerasamy belongs to the lowest scale of the hierarchy. The only payment he receives for back-breaking work, washing and steaming and drying the laundry of the village's 19 families, is the left-overs from their meals to feed his small family.
Journeyman Pictures
(download from website YouTube)
I Dalit - Reclaiming Dignity [preview]
10.6 MB, 4 min, English subtitles...., 2006
A film about the caste system in India. This video is the story of Lalmati, from Bihar, who is the only woman in the Musahar community to have completed school. Today, she teaches young girls in her village. She believes education alone can help reclaim their dignity.
Directed by Nirmala Nair / Producer: Drishti
(download from website YouTube)
A Day in the Life of an Untouchable Sweeper - Part 1 / Part 2
21.2/19.5 MB, 9/8 min, English subtitles...., 2007
This is the daily life of one of India's "sweepers": people who collect feces day in and day out. This woman is a Dalit, one of India's untouchables. There are millions like her across India.
Info: Dalit Freedom Network.
(download part 1 from website YouTube / download part 2 from website YouTube)
Caste Wars - India
37.7 MB, 16 min, English/...., 2007
November 1994. A woman in a brightly coloured sari crawls through a field of goats and cows with her gun at the ready. She is from India's poorest caste - the 'untouchables' - who have long been at the bottom of the heap. They are fighting back. Young 'untouchable' women are learning to kill. They are gaining self-respect and, most importantly, protection in a hostile world. Higher castes are also arming their people after repeated attacks. Villagers speak of terror campaigns. As India's ruling party faces crucial state polls the country's battle lines are being drawn not only by religion but caste. Politicians can no longer afford to ignore the lower caste majority. This film examines the plight of the 'untouchables' and how they're helping themselves to an improved life.
Journeyman Pictures
(download from website YouTube)

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