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jaar van uitgave: 1994 of later
(alfabetisch op auteur)

Bhasin, R. (1994): Simla: The Summer Capital of British India. Penguin Books, New Delhi (253 pag). (UI-903-001) India; Himachal Pradesh; geschiedenis, koloniaal; geografie.
[ An evocative account of Simla, one of the best-known outposts of the British empire. Through the use of published accounts of the time, the book recaptures the memories of long-time residents of the hill-station, and original research, the vitality and excess of the giddy theatre and club life enjoyed by the British in India. As the book progresses one can see Simla develop from a nondescript hill town into the most glamorous resort of the British, its decline after they left, and its revival as the capital of Himachal Pradesh. ]

Biswas, A.K. (1998): Understanding Bihar. Blumoon Books, New Delhi (310 pag). (UI-890-003) India; Bihar; gezondheidszorg; economie; migratie, arbeids-; geweld tegen vrouwen; landbouw ; natuurrampen; slavernij; aardbevingen.
[ This book is devoted to the study of selected aspects of Bihar which are integral part of history which makes the state distinctive in the subcontinent. The areas selected by the author includes public health, economic and social issues, labour migration, exploitation, agricultural education etc. ]

Chaudhuri, S. (ed.) (1995): Calcutta: The Living City - Volume I: The Past. Oxford University Press, Calcutta (276 pag). (NI-954-001) India; Calcutta; naslagwerk/statistiek; stadsplanning; literatuur/poëzie; cultuur; onderwijs & educatie; infrastructuur, stedelijke; kunst; geschiedenis, koloniaal; geschiedenis; muziek/zang; handel; spoorwegen/treinen.
[ The essays in this book cover the past of Calcutta, from the origins of its name and its founder Job Charnock, to the early 20th century. Contents of this volume: growth and development of old Calcutta; Kalighat; British life in old Calcutta; the jews of C.; Armenians in C.; the 'Great Houses' of old C.; the Thakur family; education in old C.; literature; art in old C.; C. theatre; traders in old C.; civil and public services; railways to C.; the C. police; Calcutta's industrial archaeology; the Victoria Memorial; architecture in C. ]

Chaudhuri, S. (ed.) (1995): Calcutta: The Living City - Volume II: The Present and Future. Oxford University Press, Calcutta (365 pag). (NI-954-002) India; Calcutta; naslagwerk/statistiek; demografie; slums; economie; stadsplanning; literatuur/poëzie ; cultuur; vrouwen; muziek/zang; cinema/film; onderwijs & educatie; infrastructuur, stedelijke.
[ This book provides an account of Calcutta in the 20th century and predictions regarding future development. Economic and cultural aspects are treated, as well as contemporary issues. Contents: growth of Calcutta; political culture; agitation (1912-1947); women in Calcutta; demography; Parsis; Anglo-Indians; East Bengal refugees; slums; economy; port; town planning; metro; Hooghly; water supply; literature; drainage; environment; arts; music; dance; theatre; cinema; sports; Durga puja; food; traffic and transport; education; wildlife. ]

Dwivedi, Sharada; Mehrotra, Rahul (1995): Bombay, The Cities Within. India Book House Pvt Ltd, Bombay (336 pag). (NI-920-001) India; Bombay; architectuur; fotoboek; geschiedenis.
[ A book on the evolution of Bombay and its varied precincts. It is an attempt to understand the city's contemporary skyline that presents a medley of architectural silhouettes where cotton mill chimney stacks, neo-Gothic towers, skyscrapers, shanty settlements and domestic vernacular dwellings all coalesce to form the many layered cosmopolitanism which characterizes the palimpsest that is the metropolis of Bombay. ]

NN (1995): Other Voices from Pakistan. Wiley Eastern Limited, New Delhi (196 pag). (UI-968-005) relatie India-Pakistan; Pakistan; godsdiensttwisten; godsdienst; vrouwen; vrouwenbewegingen/feminisme; persvrijheid & censuur; mensenrechten; martelingen; vredesbeweging.
[ A collection of essays, news reports and literary writing, compiled by Pakistan-India Peoples' Forum for Peace and Democracy. Subjects: defence of democratic rights, assertion of women's freedom, protection of the cultural identity of minority communities, curbing of religious intolerance, reduction in defence expenditure and friendship between India and Pakistan. ]

Patel, Sujata; Thorner, Alice (ed.) (1996): Bombay: Metaphor for Modern India. Oxford University Press, Bombay (298 pag). (UI-920-005) India; Bombay; geschiedenis, koloniaal; geschiedenis, recent; stadsplanning; huisvesting, stedelijke ; gezondheid; slums; Shiv Sena; geweld; industrie, textiel-/confectie-; stakingen; economie; arbeid.
[ The unprecedented bouts of violence which ravaged Bombay in December 1992 and January 1993 raised agonizing questions as to how such a disaster could have occurred in India's modern metropolis. This book identifies the key characteristics of the city and explores the processes which have led to its conspicuous successes and hidden conflicts. The three main themes treated are (1) labour and enterprise; (2) claims on land, housing and health and (3) politics and populism. Dealt is with the present and the recent/colonial past. ]

Patel, Sujata; Thorner, Alice (ed.) (1996): Bombay: Mosaic of Modern Culture. Oxford University Press, Bombay (235 pag). (UI-920-006) India; Bombay; geschiedenis, koloniaal; honger/-probleem; migratie; cultuur; literatuur/poëzie; architectuur; theater/strijdtoneel; cinema/film.
[ This book focuses on Bombay's cultural life, the essence of which is constituted by Bombay's openness to winds blowing from all directions, its prime function as a place of exchange. The essays constituting this volume deal with such varied aspects as Indian-English writers of and around Bombay, imperial and cosmopolitan architecture, and the creation of an all-India film industry. Including several poems, photographs, paintings and film stills concerning Bombay. ]

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