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NGO meet calls for people's role in eradicating child labour

Hyderabad, Oct. 27: Several speakers on Wednesday underlined the need for active interaction among the government agencies, non-governrnental organisations and the community at large to eradicate child labour.
Speaking at a State-level conference - Bala Karmika Vimochana Vedika - organised by the MV Foundation, an NGO involved in eradication of child labour here, they said that parents should extend their full support and send their children to schools. Volunteers, school teachers and other organisations should come forward to motivate the parents to send their children to school.
Besides Ranga Reddy District Collector Rani Kumudini, MV Foundation secretary Shantha Sinha and delegates from Teachers Union of Netherlands also spoke.
A 17-member Netherlands team had visited various places in Ranga Reddy district where the MV Foundation had taken up programmes for eradication of child labour.
Marten Kircs and Gerard Oonk [India Committee of the Netherlands] complimented the MV Foundation and the district administration for launching innovative schemes to bring back the child labour to schools. They said that with the experience gained during their visit, they would implement the same in Netherlands too.
Ranga Reddy District Collector Rani Kumudini, who inaugurated the conference, said teachers had a vital role to play in bringing all the children to schools. Teachers should feel that it was their social responsibility. She complimented the role played by the MV Foundation and teacher organisations in Ranga Reddy district. She said the authorities had noticed several problems in bringing child labour to schools.
Stating that there were about one lakh child labourers in the district, she said efforts were on to bring most of them to schools. Though bringing child labour to schools was a major task, it was an intellectual challenge and every civilised citizen should contribute his might.


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