Onderstaand artikel is gepubliceerd in / Published in: International Agricultural Development, March/April 1987      


"A moratorium on the import of dairy products is more than appropriate" concludes the official Joint Review Mission of the European Economic Community and the World Bank which evaluated India's "Operation Flood" programme. Imports of dairy products into India from the EEC form part of the programme.
In 1985 the India government asked the EEC to continue dairy aid until 1990. But the mission says that imports into India of dairy products can, "in the present situation of growing indigenous stocks, damage ..... the cooperative industry".
A voluntary group, the India Committee of the Netherlands, claims that Operation Flood has benefitted richer people in India but has depressed local prices and thus not helped the small farmer. EEC dairy products, claim the group, have competed with Indian milk producers and not helped India to become self-sufficient.
Between 1970 and 1985, 368,000 tons of skimmed milk powder and 128,700 tons of butteroil were donated to India by the EEC.


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