Onderstaand artikel is gepubliceerd in: International Agricultural Development, jan/feb 1986      

EEC "Milking India" claim

A campaign has been launched by the India Committee of the Netherlands, a non-government organisation, to get "EEC Milk Out of India". The campaign aims to stop what the organisers describe as "the vicious circle of European Economic Community dairy aid to, and animal feed imports from India".
It claims that for 15 years the EEC has supplied India with large amounts of dairy aid for its development programme "Operation Flood". One of the aims of this programme was to make India self-sufficient in milk production by 1985. "Instead India is now more dependent on imports than ever" believes the committee.
At the same time India is exporting large amounts of highly nutritive animal feed to the EEC while there is a serious shortage in India itself. "With this feed India could produce six to ten times the amount of milk it has received in EEC dairy aid during Operation Flood II (1978-85)".
The committee says that under the programme a cross-breeding programme of Indian cows with western dairy animals is being implemented and that this will lead to reduced availability of coarse foodgrains and animal draught power for agriculture.


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