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Human Rights in India

Recently a declaration on the human rights situation in India has been publisbed in the Netherlands, signed by about 20 Dutch committees and groups concerned with India, as well as by the 7 main political parties in the Netherlands (having 144 seats out of a total 150 seats in Parliament).
The declaration expressing great concern and shock at the systematic violation of fundamental human rights in India today, says the Indian government and other authorities (at different levels) largely fail to implement various laws and other measures which could guarantee or promote the implementation of these rights, especially for Harijans, tribals and other oppressed minorities. Besides, as the Dutch committees and political parties do believe, the police (and other government officials) often prove to be involved in the tremendously rising amount of 'atrocities'. The Bhagalpur blindings, massacres, so-called 'encounters' and other forms of repression are only some of the examples of what (euphemistically) are called 'incidents'.
The declaration is an initiative taken by the India Committee of the Netherlands and the Humanistic Committee on Human Rights and has been formulated after consultation with Amnesty International (Netherlands section).

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