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Corporate social responsibility in India by Dutch companies

More and more Dutch companies consider Corporale Social Responsibility (CSR) part of their 'core business'. Dutch society also urges companies to be socially responsible, particularly those companies which do business with developing countries.

The India Committee of the Netherlands (LIW) contracted CREM for a research project in India. The research focuses on Dutch companies' socially responsible activities in India. Both Dutch companies which deal directly and companies which deal indirectly with India are being researched. Direct activities, for example, include subsidiaries, joint ventures or local projects. Indirect activities include, for example, the purchose of raw materials or products or funding investments. The aim of the project is to describe the problems Dutch companies are faced with when formulating and implementing their CSR policies. Another aim is to initiale a CSR debate between stakeholders in India and the Netherlands and to suggest solutions for the implementation of CSR policies in India.

The project emphasizes on ecological, social and economic aspects of CSR for a wide variety of branches of industry, such as the leather, food, and chemical industry and tourism. Subjects being discussed are, amongst others, biodiversity, working conditions, human rights, corruption, competition and consumer protection. An interesting aspect of this project is that, through the co-operation with Indian NGOs, CSR is not only looked at from a Dutch perspective but also from an Indian one. In this way the project can be considered a learning process for CSR in an international context.

For the project surveys and interviews are conducted with Dutch and Indian companies and stakeholders. CREM carries out the research on the Dutch side for which it uses its extensive expertise in the field of sustainable business in developing countries. The research in India is carried out in co-operation with two local NGOs, Partners in Change and the consumers' organization CUTS. In the autumn of 2003 the project will come to a close with workshops organized in Bangalore (India) and the Netherlands.


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