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Newsletter of the Child Labour Desk - Defence for Children International, no. 1, Nov-Dec 2001

News from the Global March

In the New Year, the Global March will launch the World Cup Campaign 2002, which will target labour violations in the sporting goods industry. FIFA sub-contracted companies are on the spotlight, as they have appeared to be violating labour rights and standards. Such violations are reported in a document prepared by the India Committee of the Netherlands: "The dark side of football: child and adult labour in India's football industry and the role of FIFA".

In the mean time, FIFA and UNICEF have launched a campaign to promote the rights of the child in partnership. The World Cup Campaign 2002 has requested UNICEF to see the partnership as an opportunity to urge FIFA to adopt transparent monitoring mechanisms to end child labour in the sporting goods industry.

For the report "The dark side of football", please visit the website: www.indianet.nl/iv.html. For further information on the World Cup Campaign, please contact the Global March: yatra@del2.vsnl.net.in.

Complete edition newsletter: www.dci-au.org/childlabourdesk1.pdf

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