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last modification: 24-4-2009

Dalits and the private sector in India

The recently published Dalit Discrimination Check and the upcoming ILO publication Dalits and the private sector in India give companies the insights and tools to contribute to fighting caste discrimnation in India.

May 2, 2009: Bite The Caste Bullet (Outlook Business)
Sep 2008: Dalit Discrimination Check (Danish Institute for Human Rights & International Dalit Solidarity Network)
Sep 2008: Forthcoming publication: Dalits and employment in the private sector (ILO)
Apr 22, 2008: Launch of Company Research Report: Another Apartheid? Caste Discrimination and UK Companies

The Ambedkar Principles: Employment and additional principles on economic and social exclusion formulated to assist all foreign investors in South Asia to address caste discrimination

Landelijke India Werkgroep / India Committee of The Netherlands - April 24, 2009